Game Theory: Minecraft's Ending, DECODED!

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4 år siden

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When Minecraft first came out, players were confused about one thing...THE ENDING. Minecraft's ending is a 10-minute scroll of philosophical text that everyone either wrote off completely or LOVES to HATE. And I'll be honest, when I first saw it, I thought they were right. This weird, philosophical conversation/poem/mumbo-jumbo confused everyone and seemed all wrong for Minecraft, a game that technically is ENDLESS! But looking at it more closely, the ending of Minecraft hides an amazing story about the game, the universe, and how awesome WE are as gamers. After doing this episode, I'm a fan, and I think you will be, too.
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Derek Worsena
Derek Worsena 5 timer siden
This makes no sense Matt like what does this mean? Explain more!
Alexander Scola
Alexander Scola 6 timer siden
Yeah just normal kidnapping a pizza girl
Adrian Cervantes
Adrian Cervantes 10 timer siden
Lynx the gamer
Lynx the gamer 13 timer siden
there are fainted letters behind the missing mixed up letters i think not sure tho
UwU 14 timer siden
Haha short and long dream, that aged well.
STEPH KING 15 timer siden
I actually kinda liked reading the text ;-;
Stripysniper 187
Stripysniper 187 18 timer siden
When he said the beginning of 2016 I was like 👀 👁👄👁
Javier Seet
Javier Seet 23 timer siden
1:28 frisk detected
Addy Dag siden
Mat pat: It's 2016!! Me: Realizing were almost going into 2021 😫🤯
levigames Dag siden
Austin and matpat are like my science teachers but way cooler and mor fun
T.A. Creech
T.A. Creech Dag siden
Who created the end and the nether???
xXWolfieartzXx :3
xXWolfieartzXx :3 Dag siden
What If the people talking are the people that came before us, and built the civilization before us, and now that we beat the ended dragon, they’re finally freed
Martico09 Dag siden
Well now we know who the green man is his name was whole theme of the video XD
Raber Ersöz
Raber Ersöz Dag siden
you can skip the credits with esc
Geddeez Dag siden
He was so right about 2016 being bright
Isabelo Borbon
Isabelo Borbon Dag siden
The Green Man Dream:😐
Sascha Smith
Sascha Smith Dag siden
Wait so Dream is actually canon?
TGNM Dag siden
Those minecraft channels at the intro... Im missed them so much
ASSASAINS LIFE 2 dager siden
New intro ey
Rational Owl
Rational Owl 2 dager siden
“The Green Man” “It’s all a dream” *Coincidence? I think not*
Cake Cat
Cake Cat 2 dager siden
Then my two dreams are drawing and playing random games
Aurora Russell
Aurora Russell 2 dager siden
Never played minecraft but I will say this all is one and one is all follow the flow of life's song and in the end you can do no wrong!
KzCrackheadery 2 dager siden
Well, I guess that now I can say I'm following the religion of Minecraft
Soona 2 dager siden
7:59 what do you mean tried...
Antwuan Perry
Antwuan Perry 2 dager siden
I'm from 4 years in the future there is havock going on in this year 2020 😨😱
Creeperboots 3 dager siden
That intro was Awsome lol
Fret N
Fret N 3 dager siden
Nicole Berg
Nicole Berg 3 dager siden
FBI wants to know your location
Hype 3 dager siden
This is very EZ the whole universe was created from ashes by God so if you Catholic show your love with a comment on me
Rachael Visoso
Rachael Visoso 3 dager siden
I saw a undertale frisk when you were on gt live
Weeb 3 dager siden
2016..What An Under-looked Thing Since 2020..
Collin Evans
Collin Evans 3 dager siden
who would win? sekons with aim bot or ceepers with aim bot who yuo think would win?
The Worshiper
The Worshiper 3 dager siden
the final conclusion ( 11:41 )
Bill Corey
Bill Corey 3 dager siden
This video comes off a lot differently in November 2020. :-/
Collin Evans
Collin Evans 3 dager siden
my mind is now .............. now still the same well kinda......... any one want to cage my mind..........?
Gloria Glasses
Gloria Glasses 3 dager siden
When he said Ronnie edited the video, I got really sad. RIP
William Raugstad
William Raugstad 3 dager siden
Can u try Reading the words but using the languages the letters in written in. The different letters is written in different languages from the language setting.
Claude Robbin
Claude Robbin 3 dager siden
It's 2021!
Andy Bellas
Andy Bellas 4 dager siden
I cut my leg open and the thought I would find a diamond just kidding
8-Bit Shell
8-Bit Shell 5 dager siden
well what he said was very inspiring, I am going to play a block game made for 8 year olds.
Alejandro Delgado
Alejandro Delgado 5 dager siden
I wonder who was the first person to ever discover the stronghold and entered the end. Someone who had not much knowledge and didn’t work in monjang
Shiiro 5 dager siden
The two Gods are Dream and George
The Glitch
The Glitch 5 dager siden
ah 2016.. good times..
Shsbd Dbshak
Shsbd Dbshak 5 dager siden
What I learned from this video is that mat pat would make a great English teacher
Mia COWAN 5 dager siden
Is no one gonna talk about the new intro?
kristin Fyock
kristin Fyock 6 dager siden
"Its 2016, So let's start the year off good" Me living in 2020 watching this
Ainsleigh Hartley
Ainsleigh Hartley 6 dager siden
"two god like beings analyzing dreams within dreams" its confirmed. dream is literally a god like being
Microsoft confirmed Dulalevi Original
Microsoft confirmed Dulalevi Original 6 dager siden
2016 was 4 years ago... Damn, Time flies
ᗩᒪᐯIᑎ GΣӨЯGΣ 7 dager siden
Dream started Minecraft seeing this video
Jensen Ponciano
Jensen Ponciano 7 dager siden
Damn it’s been 4 years?
Sweet 7 dager siden
I didn't understand a bit
AwesomeCrow 2667
AwesomeCrow 2667 8 dager siden
Kan Kanmingkan
Kan Kanmingkan 9 dager siden
Yes yes yes
NoNuts 2
NoNuts 2 9 dager siden
10:00 how about they are dark matter or dark energy
Blue Hoodie
Blue Hoodie 9 dager siden
this video: about "dream" 2020: DREAM :)
Arav Surti
Arav Surti 10 dager siden
“the green man” they predicted dream
Mommyhohhot 10 dager siden
Everyone: [Something good] Me: 7:17
Alfonso Hernandez Arriaga
Alfonso Hernandez Arriaga 10 dager siden
Is the wisest
Alfonso Hernandez Arriaga
Alfonso Hernandez Arriaga 10 dager siden
Wait no the creator
Alfonso Hernandez Arriaga
Alfonso Hernandez Arriaga 10 dager siden
Dang Mojang is like a genius or something?
El Gran Beltrán
El Gran Beltrán 10 dager siden
Dreams within dreams
Bllitz 10 dager siden
Casey Cannon
Casey Cannon 11 dager siden
Hey theorist I just want to tell you something Minecraft is not over it’s 2020 and there’s been so many updates like right now there’s been update it’s called caves and cliffs i’m just gonna say it’s not over there’s a Long way until it ends but we still got a Long way
Gacha Dino XD
Gacha Dino XD 11 dager siden
I'm about to go on a plane, so I'm already anxious, now imma be thinking too much
HeyIts_Inferno 11 dager siden
so when the guy says "wake up" he means die...
N1n3ta1l 5
N1n3ta1l 5 11 dager siden
That's pretty deep
ZumbaLukase 11 dager siden
this is wierd man
Chris Bosh
Chris Bosh 12 dager siden
Great video bruv but just as a friendly correction. Allah is not different from God. Allah is just “God” in the Arabic language. Not something different. That’s why many English speaking Muslims say “God”, and why Egyptian Christian Coptic say “Allah”.
Damon 03
Damon 03 12 dager siden
Watching this in 2020 and remebering 2016 hurt a lot
SilverstoneGames 12 dager siden
It truly is a beautiful piece of literature by Julian Gough
Neon Sky
Neon Sky 12 dager siden
Ayeee hold up. Is dat mobile legends audio?
Itz dummzy
Itz dummzy 12 dager siden
Loiueji B. Ermino
Loiueji B. Ermino 13 dager siden
Minecraft reminds me we can be everything
Noah Plays
Noah Plays 13 dager siden
Survival is a dream creative is real
Matisse Hammett
Matisse Hammett 13 dager siden
wow he should be an insperational speaker
Razor Gaming
Razor Gaming 14 dager siden
8:28 God and Allah are the same In Islam Allah means god Just clarification
Brian's Studio
Brian's Studio 14 dager siden
ah yes i beleive in the green man religion #GREENMANRULESUSALL AYYO
Pixelpros98 14 dager siden
Matpat I agree with everything you said until the ending. It is telling you to wake up. To get a life and leave the game behind. It proves to you that they are the same and anything you do in the game is possible in the long dream of life. In the real world. It’s telling you that to move on with life, you have to wake up from the dream of the game.
Bluub _
Bluub _ 14 dager siden
I believe In The green man. The green man Dream.
alexandranica bolante
alexandranica bolante 14 dager siden
J actually read the whole credits and they were hinding some sort of secret and telling a story only about the player that beat mc which was me i beat it in creative mode
DARK Luxury
DARK Luxury 15 dager siden
Ryn !
Ryn ! 15 dager siden
If life is a long dream... and the games ending gave us a “wake up” call then... that would mean the dream would end if we woke up..
Ryn !
Ryn ! 15 dager siden
Imagine delivering a pizza and the customer is like “you wanna come inside and see how we ordered a pizza through Minecraft?” And then agreeing and going into that strangers house? I would too 😭
The yellow fox Queen
The yellow fox Queen 15 dager siden
No it’s 2020
Orionbelt430 rea
Orionbelt430 rea 15 dager siden
So what your saying I can be a dictator in real life instead of Minecraft
Jaxon Moon
Jaxon Moon 16 dager siden
Me who has done dmt: hmmm, these two beings sound familiar.
Just Sayori
Just Sayori 16 dager siden
Guys, Im stupid to realize before that WE RESAPWN IN A BED in minecraft, i mean i knew that but there is an explanation to it. So basically didnt they say something about a dream of life? Well if you die u wake up in you bed and go to the place in your dream to take what u lost? Its also said you cant die in dreams, if you had those kinds of dreams before, right before you die, like half a second later, you wake up. What if that was all real? And you just respawned? *GASP* ITS A GAME THEORY Edit: WHAT OF WE ARE IN A DREAM RIGHT NOW? WE MAY NEVER KNOW
Abdalla wafa
Abdalla wafa 16 dager siden
big disclaimer god=allah Allah is Arabic for god
semod 16 dager siden
Why did I search for that
• Blxe Hope •
• Blxe Hope • 16 dager siden
Why do i feel happy as a muslim with matpat saying "allah" like a english person lol. Im not calling mat out just saying that its pronounced allllah
John O'Rourke
John O'Rourke 16 dager siden
So romantic so romantic so romantic romantic so romantic really romantic
ohno 17 dager siden
If only he knew how far Steve would go
Tsuki 17 dager siden
idrwstuff 17 dager siden
so this is where Dreams name came from
ツNeonKnightツ 18 dager siden
This is why minecraft is 100x better than Fortnite
Miquo Alexander Calma
Miquo Alexander Calma 18 dager siden
Carnoraptor53 19 dager siden
It doesn’t matter which one you believe in Me: Sees ten disc world picture
Noa soreq
Noa soreq 19 dager siden
no one: literally no one: me: wait he was recording in a CLOSET???
Brandon Wilkerson
Brandon Wilkerson 19 dager siden
You/we are the universe; you/we are god; you/we are infinite.
Catherine Bernatine
Catherine Bernatine 19 dager siden
i wath dantdm
Victor Isaac Babia
Victor Isaac Babia 19 dager siden
1:28 Oh look its frisk
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