Game Theory: Did I Find Fortnite's SECRET Lore? (Fortnite Battle Royale)

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2 år siden

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Step aside PUBG - there is a new game in town. Fortnite - the number one game to drop you on an island just to destroy EVERYTHING. Yet, the thing I've been seeing most fans ask lately is - where is the lore? It's true, the game doesn't look like it tries to give much backstory to your situation. Except I've found it. LOOK CLOSER THEORISTS! All you want to know is right there for the taking and today I'm going to show you.
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Tom Heasley
Tom Heasley Dag siden
wtf was that intro
Laiq Reichenbach
Laiq Reichenbach 3 dager siden
Matpat I found the word "stern" on a Groot loading screen, Can you check it out?
Squirrel !
Squirrel ! 5 dager siden
The game takes place as the crash of the *”battle bus”* on a island infected!!!
M.D.A.P gaming
M.D.A.P gaming 5 dager siden
drago D
drago D 6 dager siden
From that graph on the clip board it would show they are on mercury not venus but they want to go to venus.
Googz 6 dager siden
My brain has exploded
Googz 6 dager siden
Ive been so confused at "its written on the wall" man it makes sense
Wren's reviews!
Wren's reviews! 9 dager siden
The Smith plays has his own fortnite thery butremeberthatsjustatheryagamethery
Tygo Stroobant
Tygo Stroobant 9 dager siden
That's is how we on earth we are on earth witch comité which cels in it
Theresa Lively
Theresa Lively 10 dager siden
TankandSpank 10 dager siden
Uh, our solar system isn't the only one in the universe with a "sun"(star)... dink
Samuel Emeraldo
Samuel Emeraldo 11 dager siden
shh don't tell MatPat about the commander in intro is actually Ramirez itself!
poperaymond 12 dager siden
My dawg Gummy Rice bacc like da boy neva left 😈🔥🔥
Twitter Support
Twitter Support 14 dager siden
But what about the elimination animation?? When you die, you get de-pixelised. So it must be some sort of simulation, right??
Brielyn Sandstrom
Brielyn Sandstrom 15 dager siden
who is rice gum he sounds racistly gross
Oliver Currie
Oliver Currie 16 dager siden
mikrobatery 13
mikrobatery 13 18 dager siden
this theory might be the truth becose in chapter 2 season 3 an emote named planetary vibe you can see an orbyt around the player and the planets are similar as on the clipboard so good job matpad good job but hey thats yust a theory a game theory thanks for reading
Ethan Bay
Ethan Bay 19 dager siden
The storm was made by Vindertech so they could sell weapons to fight it. The storm became out of control and the CEO of Vindertech gave up and went into hiding, never to be seen again. Rey and the rest of "Homebase" use the battle royale to seperate the best of the best from everyone else. They take the winners to Homebase and the leave the losers to try again. Yes, the losers don't actually die. When they are fatally injured the drone you see takes you back to your "lobby" so you can heal and recover until you can compete again. That's a theory I found on a website on fortnite lore. I thought that was pretty plausible.
Pladfall01 19 dager siden
Alex T
Alex T 20 dager siden
Faisal Abdurrahman
Faisal Abdurrahman 21 dag siden
fortnite 348 million results BUT among us has can you guess it. multiple choice and dont search it okay. A. 900,000,000 B. 1,250,000,000 C. 2,090,000,000 and the answer is C.2,090,000,000
Honza Pecháček
Honza Pecháček 22 dager siden
Not much of a lore there to begin with.
Yesss sir
Yesss sir 23 dager siden
I knew it
-Monk- 24 dager siden
I’m a Fortnite fan
-Monk- 20 dager siden
@emerald gamer773 it’s mostly hated because of the community built around the game, most of the players are toxic, sweats and just overall not fun to be around and that takes up about 75 percent of the community so most people hate the game
emerald gamer773
emerald gamer773 20 dager siden
I only recently found this game. I don't understand why it's so hated. I only started becuase of the marvel stuff.
Jaden Paul
Jaden Paul 25 dager siden
Lul gummy rice soungs familar hmm
The Happy Man
The Happy Man 26 dager siden
Matpat:well this was a dumba$$ video
Shadow Maker
Shadow Maker 26 dager siden
Tabs Tactical Manager
Tabs Tactical Manager 26 dager siden
Theory Midas is a god in human form 28 dager siden
PUBG fan
more MS_DOJO
more MS_DOJO 28 dager siden
Well this vid was made too early
Campbell Tansley
Campbell Tansley Måned siden
For the for the win
Bubba Måned siden
Alri here’s what I thought
Lucas C
Lucas C Måned siden
Cherise Singleton
Cherise Singleton Måned siden
Gameplay Channel
Gameplay Channel Måned siden
game called gaynite
Deadstrokeis Måned siden
Thank you for roasting ricegum. Once again, thank you
Harshvardhan Patil
Harshvardhan Patil Måned siden
fortnite is TRASH AND GARBAGE AND RUBBISH ( all at the same time)
Kurt Axl Peña
Kurt Axl Peña Måned siden
And then chspter 2 different planet
Kurt Axl Peña
Kurt Axl Peña Måned siden
Theory maybe the people on fortine where kidnapped ang placed on venus
rkv Måned siden
Two years later so many theory’s
Fox Texas
Fox Texas Måned siden
Its crazy that just two to three years ago, there was no story but then... season 4: HELLO, IM GUNNA MAKE U QUESTION REALITY FOR YEARS!!! chapter 2 season 1: A WHOLE NEW MAPPP!!!!?!?!?!? this has so many questions answered and also the lore of this island is so cool!!!! like there are people living here for years!!!! chapter 2 season 4: FORTNITE IS APART OF MARVLE!?!?!?! oh.. whats that, every theory we've had after chapter 2 is wrong because it is the exact same island. ok... i see im just gunna cry in a corner now T-T
Aspiring Animator
Aspiring Animator Måned siden
I love how now I’m watching this in ch2 s4 and it has the most complex LORE of all time Lol
Kosta molloy
Kosta molloy Måned siden
This theory is true because in chapter 2 season 4 challenges board it shows earth in the sky and mars Saturn and mercury so it is on Venus
bardhi suka
bardhi suka Måned siden
Your boy Pug
Your boy Pug Måned siden
God Of war
God Of war Måned siden
People watching this in 2020 be like.....
Space and History
Space and History Måned siden
Soviet Union send 12 probs on Venus and only 1 stand for minute
Alexa Gamer5000
Alexa Gamer5000 Måned siden
Георги Тонев
Георги Тонев Måned siden
Who said it's in our solar system
Aryan Jha
Aryan Jha Måned siden
Hey there is a 666 m view meaning it's quite devilish
BlueOmega Måned siden
Max just pops up
Matteo Intravaia
Matteo Intravaia Måned siden
I never knew we were getting a science lesson for this video.
Kagami Yume
Kagami Yume Måned siden
0:42 *is that from ohedo julia night? 0-0*
Bronte Hockley
Bronte Hockley Måned siden
Fortnite fan
Liam Ben
Liam Ben Måned siden
What if it's just Eve from KSP.
Xandre Asman
Xandre Asman Måned siden
Umm that begin part was different
Silas Warren
Silas Warren Måned siden
“Notice the lack of fish in the lake” Wait a year and a half, MatPat
Gl PS Måned siden
Pubg fan
Benjamin Baer
Benjamin Baer Måned siden
or you could put those cars in a matchbox car toycase do one on antman's SENSELESS shrinking combined with weight
Kwik Z06
Kwik Z06 Måned siden
That intro was a minuet and a half of pure facts
Yugipro Måned siden
Matpat: -something fortnite lacked: STORY Midas: Bish-
Nyoom Monster
Nyoom Monster Måned siden
Aww I wanted to help with the survey
Matthew Anderson
Matthew Anderson Måned siden
Matpat fortnight has no story Chapter 2 season 4 Hold my jug jug
B02 Ryan Miguel Adoracion
B02 Ryan Miguel Adoracion Måned siden
Stevengamer 763
Stevengamer 763 Måned siden
I love gummy rice Jk
Tri Måned siden
so it takes place on a terraformed Venus??
Astrokat 509
Astrokat 509 Måned siden
Who else is in 2020 knowing that there are fish now 11:34
AstroJim Måned siden
Update: (Chapter 2 Season 4) In 2018 it was revealed in Season 5 that Fortnite is an alternate dimension, yet it is not Earth. If you look at the Battle pass screen when you log in you see there is a map of Galacticus's route to the Fortnite island. There are multiple planets and if you look closer you can see that its Earth. So the planet that is fortnite battle royale is not earth. And the other planets look like Saturn, mars, (Earth) and Neptune or Uranus. So it is most likely Venus, but there is evidence against that with the Atlantic hop flopper variant.
Playing Mantis Gaming
Playing Mantis Gaming Måned siden
7:52 I think matpat forgot about ping markers
Gaming with Derrick
Gaming with Derrick Måned siden
But where did the zombies fit in?
Bryson Gamer
Bryson Gamer Måned siden
fortnite fan
Mike A
Mike A Måned siden
This could be right for sure and then when chapter 2 come out we might be back at earth !!! Please respond
Mal Pal
Mal Pal Måned siden
Yo fortnite brothers and sisters where yall at
Tatiana Gois
Tatiana Gois Måned siden
MatPat : Acid Rain My Brain: children still play in the garden dance as the sun slips away not even stars last forever CLENSE US ACID RAIN!!!!!!! Like if you know the song and/ artist this is a reference to
Xander Thompson
Xander Thompson Måned siden
Sonny _D
Sonny _D Måned siden
Kaleb Koch
Kaleb Koch Måned siden
Obviously they didn’t end up going with this story (or at least as far as I know, I only played the game once), but theoretically wouldn’t this mean that the game should end with the characters traveling to Mercury and dying?
Rayツ Måned siden
Bruh if you would play stw you'd know it's on Earth and it's actually a failed science experiment which has a twist at the end I've finished stw.
Quirky Måned siden
fortnite fan
Samarth Uppal
Samarth Uppal Måned siden
Hey life on Venus mabye fortnite is real the creators are time travelers pls like for new theory
Grimdjh MDH
Grimdjh MDH Måned siden
Quincy Puppets
Quincy Puppets 2 måneder siden
Bperry27 2 måneder siden
I play Fortnite
Im_Outlikealight YT
Im_Outlikealight YT 2 måneder siden
The next thing: *THE SPOON LORE*
Florence Wilkinson
Florence Wilkinson 2 måneder siden
Alex Lemma
Alex Lemma 2 måneder siden
Pubg fan
Trisha Karthik
Trisha Karthik 2 måneder siden
AmbientBroom665 2 måneder siden
the begining was absolutely terrible
Epic Sponge
Epic Sponge 2 måneder siden
Cody Fourie
Cody Fourie 2 måneder siden
Jonathan Foxworth
Jonathan Foxworth 2 måneder siden
u mind putting in less immodest stuff and gestures
Mr Chicken
Mr Chicken 2 måneder siden
This was the first video I ever watched from game theory. I was very confused by the beginning
Hykantus 2 måneder siden
Spelt ray wrong
Bear 2 måneder siden
Benji Todd
Benji Todd 2 måneder siden
Neither, actually. I think the fan base has taken the point out of hand. It’s become a precise science to practice rather than a game to have fun with. I prefer more solo or teamwork based games against either a self-made or game-made objective. Such examples are the Half life series, Minecraft, Portal and I Expect You To Die. Although there are games like that that I enjoy such as Pavlov or Team Fortress 2, but that’s the exception not the norm.
Lightslayer 2 måneder siden
p e n issafwegdhdr hwgsgrywex
Timothy arkana
Timothy arkana 2 måneder siden
MatPat: **make a theory that fortnite is in venus** *2 years later* *"life has detected on venus!"*
The animation king
The animation king 2 måneder siden
If they are on Venus how do parachutes work. There is no air drag
GD PUG 2 måneder siden
Does that mean fortnite chapter two is just earth and all fortnite characters escaped
MiniGamingYT 2 måneder siden
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