How Subnautica Proved Humans Are Going Extinct! | The SCIENCE!... of Subnautica Below Zero

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Subnautica has a vast and beautiful underwater world to explore, full of many interesting creatures. Some of them are simple, like the Peepers, while others have evolved further along the consciousness spectrum like the Leviathans. Today, Austin is exploring how these creatures can help us determine the fate of human existence. Are we "intelligent" life forms lucky or is it going to be our downfall? Let's see if smarts are all they're cracked up to be in the grand scheme of the universe. It's time to dive in to the SCIENCE of Subnautica!
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Blank name
Blank name 14 timer siden
I wonder if it would help if we murdered all of the unlucky humans.
Victor yt
Victor yt 20 timer siden
This video contains too much big brain. My brain cells are pasta and my nose is seeing sounds.
Alison Lopes
Alison Lopes Dag siden
Seeing that with covid eyes: 👁👄👁
Lego007guy M
Lego007guy M Dag siden
Austin: "We have a .1% of survival." Me: *watches the weatherman say 99% chance of 3 feet of snow and misses completely.* "Yeah, sure."
Tarrance Phillips
Tarrance Phillips 3 dager siden
we need more subnautica theories now.
Disnord 4 dager siden
Good thing the story changed, i can watch this without getting the game spoiled
Jurre De Haan
Jurre De Haan 4 dager siden
12:28 yes no mans sky 00:00 subnautica
Adam Z.
Adam Z. 5 dager siden
Me : wants to watch o video of Austin loosing his temper on a cool video game trying to explain it using complex mathematics and science that I ever so slightly understand more of it each and every, single day to relax myself.(I talked a lot to mimic him) Austin : talks about how humanity could die at any moments, to any mean, at any time, with complete no control and will, probably never, EVER , find another civilisation and reminding us that WE WILL AAALLLLLLLLL DDDIIIEEE........................ Common, fun video. Alright
Nate Carr
Nate Carr 7 dager siden
Gaming at the MAX
Gaming at the MAX 8 dager siden
Game dev: hey ima make a game about a cool alien planet! Austen: WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE
SomebodyNow _67
SomebodyNow _67 9 dager siden
Weren’t the PreCursors weren’t from [uhh what was the planet’s name?]. They came from somewhere else, I think.
SickSeal 9 dager siden
Yeah your right also it's called 4546B
Mr. Commantary
Mr. Commantary 9 dager siden
So when will this happen
Abiete Malum
Abiete Malum 10 dager siden
Omfg I just realized that blue text means austin and green text mean matpat
SickSeal 9 dager siden
Lil Stupid
Lil Stupid 10 dager siden
Drake Equation? Yo Drake's next song will be the Drake Equation
Lil Stupid
Lil Stupid 10 dager siden
Austin calls himself dumb in the beginning of the video even tho he did all this science and math in the video. LOL
IVYkevlar 10 dager siden
My brain cells are gone now
IVYkevlar 10 dager siden
Wtf is tHiS
caroline Hubers
caroline Hubers 10 dager siden
Watching this 2020 *hahaha dont worry i beleave god made the humans so dont worry life will be life
Airendercraft !
Airendercraft ! 10 dager siden
You have a 1 percent chance of living. *Giornos theme starts playing*
mrloleno 11 dager siden
When you came to watch another game theory but ended up thinking about that same question that came in your mind for no reasons when you was 4
Marc Denhilz De Guzman
Marc Denhilz De Guzman 12 dager siden
But its just theory a game therory
devon lopez
devon lopez 13 dager siden
i always zone out like halfway through this episode i don't know why
Panda _Wolf12
Panda _Wolf12 15 dager siden
I know its been a year but i believe that the intelligence species didnt originate in that planet, and is not extinct, they where just explorers looking at other places. Ex: they have an ancient sword that is from earth, they were investigating the planet, they put the planet in quarantine so no one else would go there, their consciences are in a machine as well, they are alive they are just not allowed to go to that planet anymore. All of this i got it from Markiplier's gameplay btw.
SickSeal 9 dager siden
The precursor were not from the planet do you are right
Litco 15 dager siden
A whole lot of talking yet not much said. Still giving it a like tough.
WWFYMN 15 dager siden
2020 is the great filter
Smile School
Smile School 16 dager siden
In an alternate universe: Extraterrestrial Austin Explaining how humans have invaded and established colonies on their planet.
Mathugh's Youtube World
Mathugh's Youtube World 18 dager siden
Me who knows peepers are death gods: I know.
jerky scientist
jerky scientist 18 dager siden
What if the smart people outside our planet just don't want to communicate or don't even want to invade just because human on earth too stupid
Bpkdon 19 dager siden
Subnautica is Minecraft underwater? Someone clarify
Joseph Voss
Joseph Voss 20 dager siden
we are made in the image of God and as it says in revelation we are doomed to death exept if we beleve in jesus
Parth Batra
Parth Batra 21 dag siden
I didn't get a word he said in this video
Caleb Hill
Caleb Hill 21 dag siden
There are no such thing as aliens!!!
Grumps LowenLeft
Grumps LowenLeft 21 dag siden
At about 12:20 you say humanity has a .1% chance of surviving it's next great filter - this is incorrect. Each filter as you defined it is a 50% chance. We've already made it to where we are now - each filter would be 50% - it would be .1% or less if we were starting at the beginning of the great filters and hypothesizing reaching the point we are at at now.
Lucian Allwine
Lucian Allwine 22 dager siden
That cat though
That_One _Libra
That_One _Libra 22 dager siden
One thing that you have to take into account is the schrodinger's box. The more the cat survives the less a chance that it survives, however it keeps surviving. Basically, if something has an above 0 chance of happening, it will. I learned this from the youtuber sciencephiletheai.
MJ Gaming
MJ Gaming 22 dager siden
Don’t worry, the creatures in Subnautica are really dumb. They like to ignore me.
Funkyfighter216 22 dager siden
Idc I haven’t seen the entire video but subnautica idc about music or story I care about detail on creatures
kofishah 23 dager siden
Austin said "epidemic" and "new normal" holy crap i think he's up to something
Squid Hgf
Squid Hgf 24 dager siden
"...humanity is, best case, looking at a point one chance of surviving past the next great hurdle. " Covid-19: Did someone say my name? 12:12
That_One _Libra
That_One _Libra 22 dager siden
If you turn the amount of it would take for the universe to reset (10^10^10^56) into a fraction, it would look ginoramus.
Chill Shill
Chill Shill 24 dager siden
In a nutshell is awesome
Neumo500 25 dager siden
If theres only a .1% chance of a galaxy wide civilization and the extreme estimate of 6.3k is true then there should still be at least 6 galaxy wide civilizations
Arush pg
Arush pg 26 dager siden
So everything in a few words Austin predicted covid-19
Rose Blaylock-Bussure
Rose Blaylock-Bussure 26 dager siden
You are not dumb you are so smart
Nano Sonar
Nano Sonar 27 dager siden
GOD my friend the second coming
Chelle Claypool
Chelle Claypool 27 dager siden
It is merely a circle of nature taking course
OXIDE GAMING YT 28 dager siden
Penguin 28 dager siden
if anyone is reading this while covid... we gotta kind a earth lavithan 😳
Da_Enderdragon 28 dager siden
Watching this in 2020. Coronavirus is starting to sound like a Great Filter, especially if we don’t get the thing under control. I hope I am wrong.
Poor King Richard
Poor King Richard 29 dager siden
That video had nothing to do with subnautia. Thumbs down for false advertising. Happens again it's a unsubscribe.
Taj Turnbull
Taj Turnbull Måned siden
you have expanded my brain capacity by 75%
AlExIs Måned siden
I betcha it's because of abortion
Poor King Richard
Poor King Richard 29 dager siden
Probably. They let there leftists take over. Doomed em all.
The Rebel
The Rebel Måned siden
There is a 0.1% chance of surviving the filter a head of us if it is there. So there is a chance of surviving.
Poor King Richard
Poor King Richard 29 dager siden
So your saying there's a chance!!
Severren Måned siden
Those who do not adapt will die. Those who adapt will survive.
Connor Coyne
Connor Coyne Måned siden
Pause wait rewind most of them
Ekigane Måned siden
i wonder what the likelihood of us being one of, if not the first, intelligent life in our galaxy is, and that maybe millennia from now we'll be the ancient precursor civilization discovered by some future space-faring aliens
Dávid Pável
Dávid Pável Måned siden
This is a nice video about the fermi paradox and the great filters but it has nothing to do with subnautica
Deniz Isagiller
Deniz Isagiller Måned siden
Dude... You cray cray
Im 6th grade now but i don’t think we learned that yet.....
Arteman Wärne
Arteman Wärne Måned siden
What. I do not have a brain wrinkly enough to understand what the f🔇🔇k you just said
Amaré Måned siden
Did mat die?did he get Covid? *doesnt matter Austin is funny too*
IiI-PURPUR Måned siden
ok listening to this now i think we reached our filter
Soap Mactavish
Soap Mactavish Måned siden
If everyone's in space of course the humans are going extinct on Earth
Fonyfar 1
Fonyfar 1 Måned siden
This is a video is just a cover up for Austin to tell we are all going to die
45 Potato
45 Potato Måned siden
I just got back into Subnautica, then I found this video!
Doge Boork
Doge Boork Måned siden
gamer guy
gamer guy Måned siden
I'm getting to smart, I'm not scared, my head might go extinct and pop.
Cyan Crewmate
Cyan Crewmate Måned siden
WildestAcorn45 Måned siden
Anyone notice Khara and corona sound similar
Sammy!! Caldwell!!
Sammy!! Caldwell!! Måned siden
Bruh this dosent prove anything it's a game! When I first watched this I tough this must be a joke but they sound so serious you realize that a game can't prove if aliens exist and how advanced they are ya know not every game has to have some kind of link with reality No hate but honestly this is kinda dumb even if it is a joke it dosent seem like it I love this Chanel but sometimes they just make the stupidest thing.
EcHO Måned siden
Bye bye
garrett avery
garrett avery Måned siden
I've been saying that hyperintelligence is going to be the downfall of man for a long time. When we were simple, hunter/gatherers, life was much better and the planet was better for it.
Mayian Xateo
Mayian Xateo Måned siden
When I saw the title I thought in my head:for the lore of a subnautica build built by someone said get a new efficient food for the overpopulated humans
ocean man
ocean man Måned siden
ohno a giga
ohno a giga Måned siden
No matter how far our space messages go, every thing out there just wants to ignore us
XD ilari
XD ilari Måned siden
249 101 240
XD ilari
XD ilari Måned siden
327 101 280
Waffle 1130
Waffle 1130 Måned siden
Me: wakes up and goes on NOpost Justin: hi there! Everyone is gonna die soon! Me: o, nice
Albe Desquitado
Albe Desquitado Måned siden
I love refrigerator
I love refrigerator Måned siden
And that why drake made a song called God's plan
The Pointless Company
The Pointless Company Måned siden
DaBestPilot Måned siden
He was right!!! Covid is a filter, I wish we survive!!!!!
Ironclad of Dragon Eye
Ironclad of Dragon Eye Måned siden
Since you really like this game as much as I do, I’ll tell you something about the Precursors that you don’t seem to know They do not originate from planet 4546B, they are aliens to the alien planet and are the reason the kharaa bacterium is there, they found it frozen in ice on another planet, but then it began infecting them and it was incurable, so then they used planet 4546B as a research and testing base on it, and through a freak accident involving a Sea Dragon leviathan that you can find dead, the bacteria was released killing the Precursors on the planet, they are still around, just not on the planet I just wanted to say this so you don’t keep thinking that the Precursors are from that planet when they’re actually not
Faisal Khan
Faisal Khan Måned siden
Its my favourite channel that you put on screen 8:09
That_wierd_ bird
That_wierd_ bird Måned siden
But what if there is tons life but we just can't see it. Think about it, humans haven't left very much evidence of ourselves that is visible from space, especially from out of the solar system, and if there was a planet without plants visible from space, say, an underwater planet, there would be no sign of any life whatsoever.
W.D. Gaster
W.D. Gaster Måned siden
Well I can tell just by the thumbnail people who are into vore are happy.
Real_8oy Måned siden
Wheres matpat
PTV SizzledPickle
PTV SizzledPickle Måned siden
Oh Austin from a year ago, you were so wrong, the next hurdle hardly killed 5% of our population and is dying down
Siren Head
Siren Head Måned siden
Make a theory on why your head is bigger than your body XD
Siren Head
Siren Head Måned siden
Guys don’t tell 2020 this
INFINITY Noek Måned siden
what if covid-19 is the great filter?
Squidward Måned siden
9:06 we have two more of thise filters to go through. Besides other ones
Jamsaw Måned siden
It is kinda comforting to know most of us now probably won't live to see this 'filter' that may or may not wipe out humanity 😅😂
Gavin Boland
Gavin Boland Måned siden
We get there when we get there!
Hunk Måned siden
Definitely not as scary as the monsters in raccoon city
Maiko Steffen
Maiko Steffen Måned siden
"I gotta explain the Fermi paradox first" -austin Me, at 23.50: yay, another 3 hour vid😂
pandicornia kawaii.3
pandicornia kawaii.3 Måned siden
Our great filter is covid, I can bet
ShivooShimo Måned siden
Death is going to have a bad time when every single person on earth dies
TitusRaven Måned siden
lol, austin predicted that covid would be the next great filter...
Axikia Måned siden
Daxon42 Måned siden
What till the lactose intolerant flat earthers find out that our universe is called the milky way.
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