FNAF Was Right! Ennard's Bodysuit Actually Works! | The SCIENCE of... FNAF Sister Location

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BE AWARE! - Footage of dissected frogs appears on screen from 9:06 until 9:29. You can skip this and still understand the entire episode .
There is a lot to unpack about the FNAF franchise. From the possessed animatronics to wearing a guy like a three piece suit, this series goes to some crazy places. Today, Austin is going to tackle the latter. Could Ennard wear a Purple Guy suit like in FNAF Sister Location or would it be a gross mess? What a question! Let's find out!
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William Afton [REAL]
William Afton [REAL] 8 timer siden
william head bellow. 👇🏻 👇🏻 👇🏻 👇🏻 👇🏻 👇🏻 🟪🟪🟪🟪 🔲🟪🟪🔲 🟪🟪🟪🟪 ⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️ 🟪⬛️⬛️🟪
rps HD
rps HD 9 timer siden
That morgan freeman unicorn scared me more than ennard would
Evelen Elias
Evelen Elias 13 timer siden
So what you're telling me is a way how to hide a body or pretending to be alive.mmm yes good call staff
Itz_Mickey_Glitch 15 timer siden
teacher: What is the most informitive video we can show the class! Me: this one Class: * watches video* Class: *agrees with me* The fnaf lovers: Come and join us
Dragon Killer
Dragon Killer Dag siden
Hey who said it was just the chest
シStrawberriiMiilk Dag siden
Nobody gonna talk about how ft foxy looks-
Brodrick Lavine
Brodrick Lavine Dag siden
But did you guys know that after William dismantled the fnaf 1 animatronics he made the fun times endos out of the fnaf 1 characters parts..
Frooit Bunch
Frooit Bunch Dag siden
Ok imagine this humans wearing fur suits animals wearing SKINSUITS
billys blocky world
billys blocky world Dag siden
I thought they grab the bones out and slide in the puppet body thing
Springlock Gaming
Springlock Gaming 2 dager siden
What doesn’t make no dam smear in that theory is how t f*ck could ennard be smart enough to make butters that have tracking devices in it
Springlock Gaming
Springlock Gaming 2 dager siden
When you started talking about the human body I spaced out
Peachy_weather 2 dager siden
Thank you Austin now I’m gonna go and take a human body
xXLexathewolfXx 2 dager siden
Micheal afton hehe spoiled
xifxllen playz
xifxllen playz 2 dager siden
you say ennard as ennerd-
xifxllen playz
xifxllen playz 2 dager siden
Shanice Santiago
Shanice Santiago 3 dager siden
me:wait.... ennard:"walks slow" me: GET AWAY FROM THE EXOTIC BUTTERS THERE MINE! lol
Mirage Uchiha
Mirage Uchiha 3 dager siden
Duh, Ennard used some of the exotic butters to slip into the skin.
Tomasz Tober
Tomasz Tober 3 dager siden
achievement unlocked: how do we get here
_Tearsmoon _
_Tearsmoon _ 3 dager siden
I swear my IQ raised higher jsut from watching this video
Reahlia 4 dager siden
Uh u don't know the real answer because ennard feels bad for scooping Micheal because circus baby forced ennard to scoop the night guard AKA Micheal and ennard stays in micheal so Micheal doesn't rot so he's still alive but dead lol that's the real story
Mr. Romonald
Mr. Romonald 4 dager siden
love pizza and love tranforemers
love pizza and love tranforemers 4 dager siden
I thought this was matpat? Where did matpat go?
Banana 4 dager siden
When mat has gone too crazy that Austin has to handle the FNAF theories
_blood moon_
_blood moon_ 4 dager siden
Derikku Desu
Derikku Desu 5 dager siden
i think ennard is putting some pieces of himself one by one inside eggs since he cant really fit which explains why he keeps coming back to the facility
Katrina Hoven
Katrina Hoven 5 dager siden
He's was in there eating exotic butters 😎
Just Another Edit
Just Another Edit 5 dager siden
In my opinion Ennard should have just used an illusion disc
Useless Noodle
Useless Noodle 6 dager siden
Ennard, not Eddard
Eri Chan
Eri Chan 6 dager siden
The frog legs I-
Kawaii Karasu
Kawaii Karasu 6 dager siden
Ah, so biology class does help me in the real world when it comes to understanding ATP, certain functions of cells, and the overall effects that death has on our bodies. Thanks Mr.Hove :D
Himiko Toga
Himiko Toga 7 dager siden
How though how do you get a heart attack I literally almost never get scared only when it’s a new jump scare then after that I don’t get scared
꧁Ice Angel꧂
꧁Ice Angel꧂ 8 dager siden
Learn from Ennard!😌💅
Scarlet Rose Stardancer
Scarlet Rose Stardancer 8 dager siden
I hear that mouse click in the first second and my mind immediately said "Oh no" and "Oh yes" at the same time
Ennard Burnt spaghetti
Ennard Burnt spaghetti 8 dager siden
;-; plot twist: exotic butters are just cameras in a basket...
nerdy cat studios
nerdy cat studios 8 dager siden
happi miシ
happi miシ 8 dager siden
Funtime foxy exoskeleton kinda thick tho
Bonnie Clay
Bonnie Clay 8 dager siden
wait the scooper scooped out the organs of mikel and his skelloton so
꧁Sximply꧂ 9 dager siden
You need to be my new math and since teacher please
Mega Frost
Mega Frost 10 dager siden
Well, that's disgusting...thanks Austin! Also, great music choice, as always 0_0
Beetle the SilkWing
Beetle the SilkWing 11 dager siden
Anxious Person's Version of FNAF: Gentle unicorn narrated by Morgan Freeman as a lose condition. 10/10 would pay good money for.
• Impasta •
• Impasta • 11 dager siden
Yes just buy a giant fridge to store dead bodys in if you are a robot Makes sense to me
Mike playZ stuff
Mike playZ stuff 11 dager siden
I'm suprised that the thumbnail colour is green and yet it is Austin
Hanako-kun 12 dager siden
Michael: *just walking and chilling* Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Ennard ✨ *the contortionist* ✨: Ayo Eggs vomit me out of here
_ArtsyGhoul _
_ArtsyGhoul _ 12 dager siden
Can’t you just. Make latex skin and wear a realistic lace wig so that way the body never rots
Funtime Foot
Funtime Foot 12 dager siden
I play sister location but now it makes no sense XD
Logicnotfoundstudios 13 dager siden
Is anyone else even more concerned that mikes body literally REANIMATES ITSELF AFTERWARDS!!!
maskixin 13 dager siden
Micheal afton and hes father aka purple guy game theory this is gonna be good and bad let's start with mr afton mr afton is dead why because he was the guy was stuffed in the suit mr afton was in fnaf because mr afton is purple guy let's go to eggs you know the scene were he splits out ennerd I cant spell like ALL OF THEM ARE DEAD but Micheal is a little different hes a corpse Elizabeth we know shes baby we know the only thin that's werid is fnaf 4 chirs shadow freddy some reason chirs /angel/shadow freddy lol this is all I will give
maskixin 13 dager siden
Maybe your playing Micheal
Teagan Crawford
Teagan Crawford 13 dager siden
you are right this would be inposible but still
Teagan Crawford
Teagan Crawford 13 dager siden
bro i luv your channel but ever thing in fnaf is not real
Summer vibezz
Summer vibezz 14 dager siden
He makes scary things funny
Tracy Blankenbaker
Tracy Blankenbaker 14 dager siden
Or Innard wood grab scissors and carefully
i meme alot
i meme alot 14 dager siden
wait i thought this was a Matpat video
Evelyn Kwan
Evelyn Kwan 15 dager siden
I- the popcorns
Ori Chan {_} Seimei
Ori Chan {_} Seimei 15 dager siden
Am I the only the one who calls Micheal afton Mac book afton? Just me? Ok...
꧁Fnaf Queen꧂
꧁Fnaf Queen꧂ 16 dager siden
Me going to scoop myself with a soup spoon and put burnt spaghetti in me 🏃🏼‍♀️
C M 16 dager siden
So I'm assuming that micheal possessing his old rotting probably partially animatronic corpse and getting back up is just in the realm of the supernatural then.
Anne Summers
Anne Summers 16 dager siden
This random guy: ennard contains the hive minds of Funtime Freddy Funtime foxy ballora and circus baby and that’s all I think Bon Bon: am I a joke to you?! Me: Bon Bon is actually a part of ennard too ya know
CASSOWARY 16 dager siden
5:47 cursed foxy
《donutz does stuff》
《donutz does stuff》 18 dager siden
Idk but i just hate how when you have your volume up loud and the jumpscares FRICKEN YELL STRAIGHT IN YOUR EAR LIKE A CHILD
✞JJ STUDIOS✞ 18 dager siden
If I were animatronic I would stay in sister lo or just fed bears pi
xX_Pürpłë_Føxÿ_Xx 18 dager siden
“What sort of errands could could Ennard possibly need to run?” Me: *E X O T I C B U T T E R S*
Ennard 19 dager siden
Smasher 2015
Smasher 2015 20 dager siden
i always thought like.....imagine 2 strings curled up into one string(ennards arm) and when you fixate all ends and pull alot on one end (not fixikated) the whole thing would become smaller and even more stable .And i thing that is what ennard can do with himself .Sorry for my terrible english btw
Maria Alice
Maria Alice 20 dager siden
0:50 "Aww shooks pal looks like you messed up, Would you like to give it another try? I believe in you."
Alkabiss Vyvorant
Alkabiss Vyvorant 20 dager siden
Just realized, how does Michael rot if he is a robot? A rotting robot?
ForbiddenFateGaming 22 dager siden
0:34 - 0:57 basically Mr.hippo's junpscare
Bagel Bagel
Bagel Bagel 22 dager siden
Wait why didn’t they use the other two repairman as skin suits?
Christine Danielle Malimban
Christine Danielle Malimban 22 dager siden
This taught me more than science and math class can 😲
•Blue Raspberry•
•Blue Raspberry• 22 dager siden
Burnt spaghetti
Hat Boi
Hat Boi 23 dager siden
well i mean he doesn't have to electrocute the muscles he could just wrap some wires around the muscles and move those around
Light Bunny
Light Bunny 23 dager siden
Okay so That exotic butters where A Attraction
luz perez
luz perez 23 dager siden
get rid of austin
Dean Kohlhepp
Dean Kohlhepp 23 dager siden
Mike is a robot boom
James l
James l 23 dager siden
Why couldn't enerd enard idk act like a life support system beat the hart and use the lungs
Raja Garuda
Raja Garuda 23 dager siden
Put eggs survive lolololollololololol
Rebecca Yin
Rebecca Yin 24 dager siden
I only have 1 thing to say: @~@
max william
max william 24 dager siden
Scott Cawthon has stopped making FNAF games. Let's motivate him with a controlled shock.
The FUNTIME foxy plush Adventures
The FUNTIME foxy plush Adventures 17 dager siden
Fnaf vr and SB why you bully me
HYPER WWR 24 dager siden
hi i am ennard in some random kid rn thanks for the things u said! now its very much easier for me to disguise!
The Doge King
The Doge King 24 dager siden
Burnt noodle man
Haztec Empire
Haztec Empire 24 dager siden
They use it as a SKIN SUIT! That means the scooper hollows out the organs, bones and muscles and ennard wore you as a gross sticky T Shirt! Ennard didn't need to poke muscles or whatever
Christina Smith
Christina Smith 25 dager siden
He lives
Cyan 25 dager siden
An Austin episode and the text in the thumbnail is green?? Am I in an alternative universe of the absurd????
Bigarny Gutierrez
Bigarny Gutierrez 25 dager siden
I am confuse Ennard and Michael in my car together
Ghost INFINITE Gaming
Ghost INFINITE Gaming 25 dager siden
"eddard" bro what da
Broken*Studios 25 dager siden
Edit: Nevermind: forgot that ennard is all the funtimes) People think ennard is molten freddy: Is there any evidence? Its just a question because this annoys me (But i dont hate on them) And They think theres a child called chris in fnaf lore- (Afton family) this really triggers me- anyone else?
Orrin Trukken
Orrin Trukken 26 dager siden
Look at the details ennard would take out the skeleton.
Game Agenda
Game Agenda 27 dager siden
The letter in the thumbnail was green. THE Video:Austin Me:wait thats illegal
natasha Stewart
natasha Stewart 27 dager siden
So mUtCh MaTh XoX
kyle Tague
kyle Tague 27 dager siden
I have a smol brain, what are exotic butters?
James Padre Juan
James Padre Juan 27 dager siden
And Michael still lives lol
MoreCheese_Plz 27 dager siden
so many smart person words.... I think im broken
Hanako_Kun QwQ
Hanako_Kun QwQ 27 dager siden
Most of the gacha community ships ennard and michael. IM SCARED OF THE FNAF GACHA COMMUNITY
Thomas Wilson
Thomas Wilson 28 dager siden
Austin's key words were torso but what about the head, arms, and legs? Also why does he assume that ennard didn't take out the muscles, organs, and etc.
James Fields
James Fields 28 dager siden
Best NOpost on five nights and Freddy
shadow villian
shadow villian 28 dager siden
Xx_creep _roblox_xX
Xx_creep _roblox_xX 28 dager siden
Xx_creep _roblox_xX
Xx_creep _roblox_xX 28 dager siden
Ennard cralls a little and controls Micheal egg
Xx_creep _roblox_xX
Xx_creep _roblox_xX 28 dager siden
Micheal has no organs
Xx_creep _roblox_xX
Xx_creep _roblox_xX 28 dager siden
Ennard is tallest
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