Game Theory: The Lost History of Minecraft's Wither

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Now that I have started to dive into the deep lore of Minecraft, I think I will be able to map out the ENTIRE in-world history of the game. We've talked about the corrupted music discs and the origin of the Enderme. Today I want to solve the mystery of what started EVERYTHING. What created Minecraft? Well there is this thing called the Wither...
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, Koen Verhagen, Tyler Mascola, BanditRants, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Sir Spuntsalot The III
Sir Spuntsalot The III 31 minutt siden
I think Its odd how blazes have almost human faces, sorta same with the wither
Bru Skidlz
Bru Skidlz 48 minutter siden
I would just like to say you can also use nether stars for end crystals. Just sayin could have somethin to do with a theory about how the ancient builders found an egg took it to the end and their best warriors stayed behind slayed the 4 withers(I believe that their was four withers because it takes four end crystals to re summon the Ender dragon) took the nether stars and used them to hatch the egg believing that what ever was inside could protect them but became their over all demise. Just sayin sounds possible.
Bru Skidlz
Bru Skidlz 35 minutter siden
Also striders are either horses or pigs that adapted to the Nether I say this because horses and pigs are the only other mobs that players can ride other than the striders. I will keep adding on to my comments if I think of stuff sooooooo this might be kind of long.
Bru Skidlz
Bru Skidlz 38 minutter siden
And now that the nether update is out it is worth noting that when the dead ancient builders were buried it was on soul soil not soil sand. I say this because you can walk at a normal pace on soul soil, you don't sink slightly, and there is no evidence of any trapped souls, at least visually that is.
Bru Skidlz
Bru Skidlz 42 minutter siden
I forgot to mention that the desert temples tell the history of the wither. Only the very attentive minecrafters will notice that chiseled sand stone has a creeper and a wither on it depending on the color.
If they were trying to resurrect humans they wouldn't use three heads that dont make sense
Gloria Jester
Gloria Jester 14 timer siden
Unpopular opinion, matpat has a cute voice
Phoebe Tutt
Phoebe Tutt 20 timer siden
You should also note that some blocks (some types of sandstone) Have Skeleton heads on them for some reason? why?
Jade Mendez
Jade Mendez 22 timer siden
You know there is a guestion I wanted to know about and what I to know is who where the parents of Steve and Alice before the wore thing happened and what's the deal with the creepers?
Yo shi
Yo shi 22 timer siden
I’m a bit late, but how do the villagers get all of their iron, swords, and tools to farm without the ability to craft?
InventorZahran Dag siden
It seems logical that in their attempt to build life itself, the Builders would use the same basic structure as that of an iron golem.
Liam Chang
Liam Chang Dag siden
how about jungle temples??
Rachel M
Rachel M Dag siden
thw lost builders are almost like the dwemer from the elder scrolls
Vex101Gaming 2 dager siden
“4 cubic meters of damned souls?” “Check ✅ “
Torin Raikow
Torin Raikow 2 dager siden
Game theory this inter theory is rong be cause the dragons hed is on the ere ship which means thay cild the dragon meny times they had the suplise to fight it in the end they definitely had gon threw so ya also there wood be no points to put it under Ground espeshuly sens ther is no way to get dawn to thum so maby the opust hapind they fled the end they band building and became vilujers the people who stade builders and became ubsest with Majick and they wood have had to have Betin the Ender dragon to get to the rest of the end
egg walk
egg walk 2 dager siden
Bruh I now it's not important but I want to learn about if wither skelitons come from being burryed in soul sand then how do soul sand vallys spawn normal skelitons
Toben Mallo
Toben Mallo 2 dager siden
I have a theory about silverfish maybe there a key element in crafting ender pearls wich eexplains why they pop out of them and why there in the strongholds in the first place.
Shawn Paredes
Shawn Paredes 2 dager siden
i love when he actually makes a story that made me feel deep and it felt like a real story please do more minecraft stories with the ancient builders
Paprika 2 dager siden
How do they get to the end without enderman eyes?
Hunter And Gracie , jace
Hunter And Gracie , jace 2 dager siden
oh my god i laughed when enderman foughted the endermites PS: keep up the good work :D
MasterPigg 2 dager siden
F to the ancient builders
SYED ALI AJWAD RAZA 2 dager siden
12:59 GOD. He’s gonna make me 😢
SYED ALI AJWAD RAZA 2 dager siden
11:38. Man that hit different!!
Larry Sun
Larry Sun 2 dager siden
Liverius日本の竜 3 dager siden
What if the witches are the reason that the wither is the way it is? Like, there are zombies and skeletons, but what if the witches used to be some kind of builders? If they tried to work with the builders to create life, but it all went wrong, and the builders blamed the witches?
Emilia Clapp
Emilia Clapp 3 dager siden
Then why isnt the wither still there when Steve explored the world??
Emilia Clapp
Emilia Clapp 3 dager siden
Wait..... The ancient builders built the strongholds... so they must've invented the silverfish too. Maybe they tried to make mini-guards for their strongholds and it backfired. The endermites remind the endermen of their mistakes, which anger them.
T Roar
T Roar 3 dager siden
Matpat: Gold is not found in the nether Mojang: Adds gold ore to the nether
Iqbal Muhammad
Iqbal Muhammad 4 dager siden
This migth count as spawning them using mob farm
Daniel Crider
Daniel Crider 4 dager siden
There is all ways a punishment for trying to play God...
Duy Duong
Duy Duong 4 dager siden
“Is this a space roach?” *Huh, never thought of space roach as a name*
Dale Gilley
Dale Gilley 4 dager siden
This video is over a year old, but I noticed when he bring up buildings he doesn’t mention jungle temples, it’s also out of the way and hidden, so it goes with the theory, but I wondered if they’re not in the game anymore or something
Nikoloz Parulava
Nikoloz Parulava 5 dager siden
Wait so. They built the stronghold. And they hate the silver fish. why did they put a silver fish spawner in the strong hold if they like it so much. And zombies and skeleton die in the sun and somehow come to life in the night? Dosnt make much sense how the master builder became the zombies and skeles
Alin González
Alin González 5 dager siden
Aaden Clark
Aaden Clark 5 dager siden
I am taking this as the actual lore because it sounds awesome and Makes sense
Josiah Blanton
Josiah Blanton 5 dager siden
I’d absolute love a world seed that plays on the Minecraft Lore discussed in these videos.
Andyson Diaz
Andyson Diaz 5 dager siden
On 16:45 it says 1 billion? 545 thousand. IT'S 1 MILLION NOT A BILLLION matty
l8r 5 dager siden
hasnt anyone notice that the shape of the endermites are sliverfishs but without a head or a tail?
leafydragon 5 dager siden
I was thinking, if the endermen evolved in The End from the original creators, how did they get back to the surface world? We know we need the eyes of ender just to get to The End so was there a chance that there were creators before the creators matpat is talking about? And they figured out how to get back to the surface but were stuck with the mutations they had when they were stuck in the end?
jumbo_shrimp07 5 dager siden
It’s so crazy that MatPat is so entertaining that I’ll even listen to the sponsorship part of the video
Thatcher Coon
Thatcher Coon 5 dager siden
Or the guardian i the water temple
Thatcher Coon
Thatcher Coon 5 dager siden
They used the end dragon to protect them fro the whither
Choog 5 dager siden
And now the destroyed portals in the over world could mean they tried to trap the wither in the nether.
FireBird537 6 dager siden
I'm surprised he didnt use the pokemon evolution graphic when he said 4:17
FireBird537 6 dager siden
Mini Theory: On bedrock edition, if a silverfish goes through a portal and is hit by a ender pearl it turns into a endermite
Caroline Pudding
Caroline Pudding 6 dager siden
Why isn't the wither wandering the overworld then?
Mitchell Sierzant
Mitchell Sierzant 6 dager siden
How does the player spawn in a world
Bananacat Productions
Bananacat Productions 6 dager siden
Does that mean that the builders were tall? Because both enderman and wither skeletons are tall
LittleEzra009 6 dager siden
A queston i have heard was: "Why is soulsand everywhere?". But it could've just washed up. Soulsandvalleys would be the deserts of the nether
Liam McMahon
Liam McMahon 6 dager siden
Ooo maybe strongholds where they prepared the portal and the cells are for the captured mobs that found their way in and the silverfish are to distract you from getting to the end, either a warning of whats through there or keeping mobs away for their citadel
Insert Username Here
Insert Username Here 6 dager siden
"YO Steven, we got pizza down here, come join us in the saaaaaaand"
Erik Moore
Erik Moore 6 dager siden
oh yea and ANOTHER QUESTIONS if the over world monsters are the humans why attack us and why just specific weapons ALSO why wither skeletons are bigger and have this terrible affect?????
Erik Moore
Erik Moore 6 dager siden
QUESTION why the weather cant be found in the over world anymore? and there are still villerges and still is nice nature with lot trees..its not like they go some place and weather just disappers
Erik Moore
Erik Moore 6 dager siden
actually the becen is to boost ya up some stuff..ooh! what about theorey about that?! how and why it works like that?! came with ocen monument!
Glenn Tanuseputra
Glenn Tanuseputra 6 dager siden
i think skeletons are the ones with bows but not zombies because they have to stretch their arms and stuff so the flesh just falls off more easily, but the zombies don't have to do that.
Spaghett boy
Spaghett boy 6 dager siden
This was not a year ago! This was not a year ago!
Nathan Stitt
Nathan Stitt 6 dager siden
Therapist: Minecraft Steve with 2 human fingers isn't real, he can't hurt you Minecraft Steve with 2 human fingers: 2:13
joy 3255
joy 3255 6 dager siden
where did the player come from is my question like jeez
Ryan Knutsen
Ryan Knutsen 7 dager siden
Steve with fingers is upsetting
Shoto is meh baby boi
Shoto is meh baby boi 7 dager siden
Bugzy Bun
Bugzy Bun 7 dager siden
After rewatching this episode, I have a amazing idea. What if Herobrine and Steve were the ones who defeated the Wither when everyone left. But in the process Herobrine gave his strength to Steve, but in losing his strength, he gets corrupted by the Wither.
Xyuof 7 dager siden
Haha pee
Toony Toons
Toony Toons 7 dager siden
Do endermites even exist anymore
Melody 0713
Melody 0713 7 dager siden
If they all got trapped in the nether how did Steve and Alex descend from them?
John Anthony Christopher Pineda Montoya
John Anthony Christopher Pineda Montoya 8 dager siden
ed and alphonse approves
Silver Spirit
Silver Spirit 8 dager siden
jast e gam theewee
Keshy Hiragi Kurosaki
Keshy Hiragi Kurosaki 8 dager siden
Poor ancient builders, they didn't knew how to click the respawn button
Chilly Chill Services
Chilly Chill Services 8 dager siden
We can all be honest the wither is WAYYY harder than the ender dragon
Akari 9 dager siden
minecraft story mode is the story your telling exept instead of defeating the beeeeg wither it kills the civilization and the rest go to the end (some people in that time went to the end and became endermen
SUPAMON 9 dager siden
Admiral Snack Bar
Admiral Snack Bar 9 dager siden
What if the Ender pearls are endermite eggs and that might be why they sometimes summon when you throw ender pearls
Steph Canfield
Steph Canfield 9 dager siden
I bet Mojave would approve of your Minecraft theories
Kean The King
Kean The King 10 dager siden
I SAW youtubers do secrets about Minecraft but bro YOUR SOOOO DEAP Heh GET it deep because he was in a stronghold heh... nevermind
Stravick Ovmahn
Stravick Ovmahn 10 dager siden
This video was posted just a few months ago right? Like, Febuary, March 2020. It really hasnt been a whole year since these minecraft lore series started has it?
Aadarsha Bantawa
Aadarsha Bantawa 10 dager siden
Aadarsha Bantawa
Aadarsha Bantawa 10 dager siden
Then what is ender dragon 🐉 was matpat
Justin Lynch
Justin Lynch 10 dager siden
1.16 kinda confirms the fact that wither skeletons were in soul sand since we know if a fortress spawns in the soul sand area more wither skeletons will spawn like a lot more
verify binary
verify binary 10 dager siden
Oh yeah? Explain blaze spawners.
Noah Pritchett
Noah Pritchett 11 dager siden
i like the theory that wither skeletons were formally humans who shitified in the nether after some war and magic.
Isaac Frand
Isaac Frand 11 dager siden
oh okay so this isn't a two and a half minute video lol
Roeben H
Roeben H 11 dager siden
Crazy theory. Are wither skeletons dead ender men? Seems right because of their size, colour and... well nothing else
Owen F
Owen F 11 dager siden
Ender man have the same exact amount of health as a player in Minecraft
UwU 11 dager siden
MatPat: the wither can destroy almost any block in its path Me: maybe that's why we see only one or two grass blocks just floating in the sky cause they could've been mountains but the wither destroyed them, only leaving a small piece of ground just floating in the sky...
Andre The Great YT
Andre The Great YT 11 dager siden
Matpat: Endermites...what are they? me: What are those?!
RAP Gaming
RAP Gaming 11 dager siden
2:53 THIS just looks WRONG!
e 11 dager siden
I was gonna go to sleep earlier but this seems important
Mcgaggie The Doggo
Mcgaggie The Doggo 11 dager siden
Wait but what about the villagers? Where do they come into all of this?
Dominic Llenos
Dominic Llenos 11 dager siden
This is a really solid theory
Slurp Studios
Slurp Studios 11 dager siden
Someone should make a movie out of all the theories Mat made
Savannah_smiles 11
Savannah_smiles 11 11 dager siden
These are the smartest comments in the world.
Arcaydian Dick
Arcaydian Dick 11 dager siden
When you get finished with ALL the lore videos make one big video explaining all the lore into one, in timeline order.
Paige Duncan
Paige Duncan 12 dager siden
steve with fingers will forever haunt my dreams
Rabid _Monster24
Rabid _Monster24 12 dager siden
Steve with fingers makes me uncomfortable, just me?
The Lets Play-ers
The Lets Play-ers 12 dager siden
I wonder if matt will mention how mojang didnt remove herobrine in 1.16
Frying Pan
Frying Pan 12 dager siden
this is actually my favourite theory
Nura Xblade
Nura Xblade 12 dager siden
I find it funny my first time watching this low key scary vid in October 😂😂
CubCubs Trooper
CubCubs Trooper 12 dager siden
MatPat: Theres a WHOLE story to this game Me just fishing at a pond: oh 17th saddle
Camsters_Cool 12 dager siden
What about villages who made them and how did the villagers end up there?
Scott Pulczinski
Scott Pulczinski 12 dager siden
Ah yes, Hess
FritterBiskut 13 dager siden
Hey but it was a good theory
RipTide 13 dager siden
This reminds me of Minecraft Story Mode
jack york
jack york 13 dager siden
" the only builds left were ones far away" Me: wait... MANSIONS
Shxdow 13 dager siden
What if sometimes zombies spawned with weapons and tools and skeletons spawn with bows that are sometimes enchanted although they cant pick up or build anything, none the less enchant something, are holding them, maybe they died with them while trying to fight, build, or dig away from the wither?
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