Game Theory: The Lost History of Minecraft's Wither

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Now that I have started to dive into the deep lore of Minecraft, I think I will be able to map out the ENTIRE in-world history of the game. We've talked about the corrupted music discs and the origin of the Enderme. Today I want to solve the mystery of what started EVERYTHING. What created Minecraft? Well there is this thing called the Wither...
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, Koen Verhagen, Tyler Mascola, BanditRants, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

BiBa Gaming
BiBa Gaming Time siden
Builders: **Couldn't Beat The Wither** Me With A Smite 5 Netherite Sword: **Kills The Wither With Only A Few Hits** Builders: ...
Caeleb Maynard
Caeleb Maynard Time siden
and end crystals to revive the dragon
iwishiwas funny
iwishiwas funny 2 timer siden
Uhh i think he forgot jungle temples lol
Thicc Kiwi
Thicc Kiwi 7 timer siden
It makes lots of sense that the ancient builders turned into endermen and wither skeletons. The ancient builders would’ve been 3 blocks tall because either skeletons are and the evolved version of them which is endermen are also 3 blocks tall
WideBoi 8 timer siden
Bruh surely if you have the technology to make the portal to go the end (something which we or Steve can’t do) the ancient advanced civilisation could defeat the Wither with ease?
aalopz2011 Gaming
aalopz2011 Gaming 9 timer siden
I believe that once the soul is sucked into the netherrack the netherrack turns into soul sand and with the bones of the player it turns into the wither skeleton
Wilson Ng
Wilson Ng 9 timer siden
So regular pistons are destroyable but extended pistons are hard as bed-ROCK giggity
lucifer.means.light.bringer 11 timer siden
therapist: dont worry, peace sign steve isnt real he cant hurt you peace sign steve: 2:15
lam675mut ;ruh'qod
lam675mut ;ruh'qod 12 timer siden
The many egg computationally step because tenor ethnopharmacologically glue than a statuesque feet. trashy, unused september
C G 16 timer siden
How is it possible that the builders got eyes of ender if they have to become the endermen. Which is one of the only ways to get ender pearls. Plus piglins weren't in the game at that point. Meaning the only way for ender pearls is endermen. But they did not exist
Gabriel Sullivan
Gabriel Sullivan 20 timer siden
You need to make a theory about herobrine could he be an dependent of the ancient builders to?
Gabriel Sullivan
Gabriel Sullivan 20 timer siden
Edit: decendant
忍者Ninja 23 timer siden
Maybe ancient men used silverfish as test subject like humans do with rats. Before entering themselves, they were throwing silverfish to see if they would return. Silverfish in the end became endermites. So... after endermites gained powers in end they started attacking endermen. They remember what endermen looked like before, so silverfish attack players.
Joe Blake
Joe Blake 23 timer siden
When something is killed by the wither it drops a wither rose.
RISDAC TH Dag siden
Btw we can respawn
Lelouch Christian S. Bernardo
Lelouch Christian S. Bernardo Dag siden
I have a theory what if herobrine was one of the ancient builders are corupted
The Grounds
The Grounds Dag siden
Game Theory if everything you're saying is true then where is the weather today did it die or is it still roaming around
Drizzle Cake
Drizzle Cake Dag siden
Anddd this is why most of my survival worlds are on Peaceful :,) I don't wanna kill all of the mobs that are hostile because i feel bad for them -w-" For a new update, mojang should make it so that we could potentially make friends with all of the hostile mobs, by feeding them things or giving them items like with foxes and sweet berries or wearing items over your head like pumpkins and Endermen. Maybe they could even add things like that for neutral mobs aswell! You could tame a Golem maybe by handing them a poppy or another flower and make it loyal to you! With hostile mobs instead of giving items like maybe giving arrows to Skeletons and armor to Zombies or something like that, you could wear a mob head you can get from item drops when creepers blow up other mobs. To make it alittle bit harder though, depending on what mob head your wearing depends on what hostile is docile to you. Creeper head? No getting blown up, but other mobs recognize you and shoot or hit you. For Enderman, aswell as Pumpkins you could potentially get an Enderman to follow you by chorus fruit or a block. Hell, you could maybe even tame them like that. Please just let me have an Enderman pet Mojang i wish to have Tall Fren
affaaffa afjkfabhjkfa
affaaffa afjkfabhjkfa Dag siden
I guess there should be more arthropods in minecraft
BABY FANYI Dag siden
Ok so hear me out; I have a theory that the resurrection worked. However, again with the idea of hubris, people began trying to create enhanced humans by adding extra soul sand(kind of like how a golem is created with that T structure). This led to the wither.
Jared Lowe
Jared Lowe Dag siden
Buffs not lame
Luis Cartoon studios
Luis Cartoon studios Dag siden
Would he make a theory about the ender dragon maby not
Free Hoya
Free Hoya Dag siden
The wither the incarnation of death and destruction that has been summoned due to the souls of rhe dead and has forced an entire civilization to flee to another dimension. Gets beaten by bees
PECINOVSKÁ Veronika Dag siden
Uhhhhh... Probably not like the Elrics, for your own safety 12:59
Aarav Sanil
Aarav Sanil Dag siden
I think the piglins were the civilization that came from the overworld and went to the nether after that for some reason. This can be proven because: 1) Bastions(piglin shelters) have gold blocks as well as the ruined portals(portals generating in both the overworld and the nether) Another structure that also has gold is the ocean monmnet, but I dont think that fits in. 2) Piglins are bipedal mobs Maybe the piglin evolved into cleverer entities, similar to the steve we see today, or the human beings evolved into pig like animals, like stated in Matpat's earlier point that in minecraft you are what you eat( and the only food source in the nether is porkchop from hoglins, and hoglins are similar to piglins as they get zombiefied on going to the overworld) The theory could have then made its way to the wither theory, thus explaining why piglins are frightened of soul related items
Allstar Gaming
Allstar Gaming Dag siden
Can you do pillagers
Lins Fam
Lins Fam Dag siden
my theory one why the endermen hate the endermites is bcos they were the ones devouring all the chorus fruit in the ender famine meaning that endermen couldnt harvest it and smelt it into popped chorus fruit, then smelt that into ender pearls(not a real recipe)
GACHA L.A.B Productions
GACHA L.A.B Productions Dag siden
Rule number one science never play God because it will ultimately backfire on you
hashir ahmad
hashir ahmad Dag siden
PinkiePinkie SteffSteff
PinkiePinkie SteffSteff Dag siden
The plant freezer postsynaptically appear because ray suprisingly destroy throughout a aboriginal hand. overjoyed, telling foot
SillyBanana Dag siden
We all probably know that the Nether is hell and The End is heaven. Because in the Nether its filled with lava and water can't be placed on any biome. The End is heaven because there are stars on the sky on any time,and every mob there has "End" in their names.
Len Bun
Len Bun Dag siden
Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh .
Gareth Ng
Gareth Ng 2 dager siden
but whta happened to the wither that they summon and tried to run away from? shouldn't there be a place where you can find a wither without anyone summoning it?
candy land
candy land 2 dager siden
So why is there no wither when you spawn... Game mechanics:it despawnd
SHEN MENG JIE Moe 2 dager siden
Game theory : remeber this just a mINi THeOrY. Me : wtf, and poor creepy don't had hand 🤣🤣🤣🤣
nagito kinnie but better
nagito kinnie but better 2 dager siden
And today we also have broken nether portals 👀👃👀
NightSlasher 2 dager siden
I srsly think MatPat does a video not really a theory but a video where he flexes all of his knowledge of everything. I’d be interested to see how fast My brain would shut down lol
Just Some Guy on the Internet L Z
Just Some Guy on the Internet L Z 2 dager siden
i'd totally watch the movie of this
jeby balili
jeby balili 2 dager siden
My question is how do they breath if its buried underground
kevin jamez
kevin jamez 2 dager siden
This sounds like a story from a legend of Zelda game
Mohd Azan
Mohd Azan 2 dager siden
Soul sand + body = soul body
Joseph Moore
Joseph Moore 2 dager siden
Глеб Сальманов
Глеб Сальманов 2 dager siden
So, basically, you, the player, are far more advanced than the ancient builder civilization. You have at your disposal the very thing that ancient builders tried to create, yet failed disastrously. The respawn button.
King SrSlug
King SrSlug 2 dager siden
It seems like jungle temples just aren’t a thing anymore No one remembers them
Luke Blais
Luke Blais 2 dager siden
welp, that's b i g b r a i n
HollowKnight Fan
HollowKnight Fan 2 dager siden
2:52 actor's voices when they play kids
Jesus Hernandez
Jesus Hernandez 2 dager siden
One time my cousin was playing Minecraft and there was no end portal
willms Rozanne
willms Rozanne 2 dager siden
The shaggy stitch lately choke because shame strangely yell amidst a fantastic fur. alert, amusing male
Tsvetelina Buyuklieva
Tsvetelina Buyuklieva 2 dager siden
It's not he double toothpicks it's he double HOCKEY STICKS
jaelon stith
jaelon stith 3 dager siden
Wish he would’ve touched up on how the wither heads look like Steve heads. But still makes sense to me lol
playz 3 dager siden
but you don't get to see that telipoter fruits when we enter the end
WeeGeeBoiii 3 dager siden
wdym lame buffs? ever heard of haste 2 eff V? they are pretty much essential to diggen big gaps
Follow Life
Follow Life 3 dager siden
If the wither was made and not killed by the ' builders ' then what happened to the wither?
Just an unknown channel
Just an unknown channel 2 dager siden
I'm guessing it is very far away from the player, possibly beyond the barrier. Though, I'm not sure since this is a baseless thought.
Frooostbyte 3 dager siden
There’s also a silverfish spawner right next to the portal. I 100% believe silverfish are endermite.
Mr. sincere
Mr. sincere 3 dager siden
there is no way he just said that beacons are lame
Poplob Rob
Poplob Rob 3 dager siden
But Why villagers have home, I mean they don't know like buid
TheHellfirejen 3 dager siden
thwn how did the portal made at the first place? overworld has no end blocks
Jimmys Joystick
Jimmys Joystick 3 dager siden
For the mini theory wouldn’t ender men attack silver fish to? I’m not sure if they do but I don’t think so
Tyler Jones
Tyler Jones 3 dager siden
Turns out it's was all random and matpat is just wasting his time 🤣
tcrtyler 3 dager siden
guys in the nether withers only attack enderman
Luca Mollema
Luca Mollema 3 dager siden
You forgot the jungle temples
Nino 3 dager siden
Best part to hear in every game theory video 3:00
Alwyn Angeles
Alwyn Angeles 3 dager siden
anybody notice that the enderman does not get attacked by the enderdragon or vice versa, until you enter, then the enderdragon attacks you, the enderman only try to attack the dragon if theyre hit by it. what if because they got hit, something in their brains remember the horror they faced before they turned into an enderman.
101getwrecked 3 dager siden
they most likely built and summon the ender dragon to kill the wither if it came the end.
Joe Dooley
Joe Dooley 3 dager siden
I feel like your thinking on the silverfish is wrong when you think about it the wither kills ALL mobs and perhaps as a delay mechanism when the wither breaks in and targets the silverfish previously trapped in the stone and thinking about it more a majority of structures have some kind of trap eg tnt arrows etc
Taxing 3 dager siden
In bedrock strongholds spawn near villages so they have traces.
Lars 3 dager siden
Wat if wither skeletons are the skeletons of enderman
dream I'm not the real dream
dream I'm not the real dream 3 dager siden
Hey I'm not the real dream but it doesn't break bedrock or in Portal frames
The Chanceformer
The Chanceformer 3 dager siden
I feel like the beginning with the silverfish doesn’t explain why they spawn from ender pearls. In one of the last videos we talked about how the ancient civilization before crafted the ender pearls, not obtaining them from enderman. And there’s no real explanation as to why silverfish are sitting in the portal room that they have seemed to craft themselves. I wonder if those annoying things were part of the source of making the ender pearls, trapping them in some sort of pokeball and using their energy to power up the portal with the help of blaze powder, which is also used to power up a brewing stand. Then with all those excess pearls, sometimes when thrown the silverfish are released but changed by the binds of the ender pearl itself.
ionel margineanu
ionel margineanu 3 dager siden
I like the mini-theory
Donny is random
Donny is random 3 dager siden
I love how hundreds of thousands of people with enchanted diamonds couldn't handle one wither Maybe they were more brains than brawn?
Jezderbunny1 3 dager siden
What about villages they are on the surface
Marleena Ahmad Rapiee
Marleena Ahmad Rapiee 3 dager siden
Back up there MatPat. Try looking at the end city ships? What is the key thing that those ships have? An elytra, yes. But there’s more. There’s also a Dragon Head. How would the builders have gotten the head if they supposedly “didint kill the dragon”?
Hari Priya
Hari Priya 3 dager siden
Damn I thought this was just a game
Dominika Durałek
Dominika Durałek 3 dager siden
Clearly, this ancient civilisation was attacked and nearly destroyed by... Technoblade.
Cameron Montgomery
Cameron Montgomery 3 dager siden
Ok I agree with you but I don't think it was the wither cuz your normal player can defeat the wither by themselves so I think it was something more powerful more like the wither storm you can't defeat the wither storm by yourself not even an ancient Society
Yuchen CHEN
Yuchen CHEN 4 dager siden
after playing Minecraft for 5 years, i just realized that zombies are wearing steve's clothes (teal shirt, and blue pants)
Tiffany Lorraine Abagat
Tiffany Lorraine Abagat 4 dager siden
I never knew that minecraft had a dark story in it,i thought it was just a game full of survival and creativity ;(
Zachery Buell
Zachery Buell 4 dager siden
Why can’t the enderman defeat the dragon but there are dragon heads in there end city’s it doesn’t make sense
GotchaPet 4 dager siden
I think Mojave isn’t commenting on this video is because they are impressed and don’t want to confirm this so we can keep thinking and having fun. 🙂
Diamond Gaming
Diamond Gaming 4 dager siden
Bombastic Toaster
Bombastic Toaster 4 dager siden
Something to note is that the wither skeletons and ender men are both tall creatures. This also strengthens your point that the people who built the end cities and nether fortresses are in fact related.
ShivTex 3
ShivTex 3 4 dager siden
So, does that mean that our respawn button is somehow related to their rituals? After all, they were trying to rebirth the death, right? And that is exactly what our respawn button does, it brings us back to life. Yeah about hardcore... Maybe not-
Hunter Hagen
Hunter Hagen 4 dager siden
The past builders could explain herobrine. He could be a soul of a past builder, please do a video on this.
Spy Pie
Spy Pie 4 dager siden
Hee hee ocean monument on land 4:37
Theo-André Johansen Brandt
Theo-André Johansen Brandt 4 dager siden
What with the endermite spawns when you use a enderpearl why does this hapen.
Fordee Nuega
Fordee Nuega 4 dager siden
I summoned a wither in the end and it only attacked "Endermen" suspicious But it didn't attack any other mob
Rebekah Burks
Rebekah Burks 5 dager siden
10:48 I don’t think they meant to look like it was a Undertale fan game.
Taco 5 dager siden
The ancient builders must’ve been 3 blocks high - the mobs they turn into are all that tall.
carlos rugerio
carlos rugerio 5 dager siden
he wetet 2 and 54 second in a mini theori
Krystyna Spahl
Krystyna Spahl 5 dager siden
In my opinion endermites are parasites that lay eggs in the Enderman and when they are killed Enderpearls are there eggs
Matthew Robinson
Matthew Robinson 5 dager siden
6:37 hmmm is that Pixlriffs video on how to take out the wither? Edit HOLY PIXELS IT IS
Bread556 5 dager siden
What if your player was born in the end while the last humans were still humans and Steve and Alex was sent to take back the world
Reruntal 5 dager siden
Theroy is great where is the WiThEr
Josh Warner
Josh Warner 5 dager siden
If Steve is a descendant of the ancient builders who became wither skeletons, why are the skeletons 3 blocks tall instead of 2?
shiro Mwale
shiro Mwale 5 dager siden
I love this guy's theories
Dani van Wijngaarden
Dani van Wijngaarden 5 dager siden
how did the villagers survived this then?
Allen Lin
Allen Lin 5 dager siden
I just know this when your first at the end portal there is randomly three or four or two in their eyes already in why
Allen Lin
Allen Lin 5 dager siden
I have a question why do you make a video that is Is dream faking his speed run he is not his little sister is really good at killing people that means he is really doing the speed run maybe he was teach by his little sister
Allen Lin
Allen Lin 5 dager siden
mat 5 dager siden
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