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We all know Minecraft is a BIG game. Not just in popularity, but in the scope of what you can do. You see, there are so many WAYS to play Minecraft... but how many? Would any one person ever be able to play every combination of the game in their lifetime? Today Austin is going to try to answer the question of "How BIG is Minecraft?"
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Gaming Assi
Gaming Assi 59 minutter siden
Waaiiiit 3×3×3×3=12?
•MrGlitch• 2 timer siden
How to make minecraft realistic:if you stay in a small room u die because oxygen
Carrot Man
Carrot Man 2 timer siden
This is why I don't like math
Antoine Judah Dagal
Antoine Judah Dagal 5 timer siden
How about clouds?
altaf Ibtisam
altaf Ibtisam 6 timer siden
Wait is it 60000000 x 60000000 or 300000000 x 300000000 blocks?
Top Ramen
Top Ramen 6 timer siden
Isnt it 180 degrees up and down and 360 spin?
Mike B
Mike B 7 timer siden
I mean 10^10^10^10^10^1.1 = 10^110000 power no need to be overly dramatic about it... (wrong channel... I know), could do googolplex^55 too 🤣
ToNoob ForSchool
ToNoob ForSchool 7 timer siden
Austin I think you forgot double chest
WhxzyTM 7 timer siden
10:58 that billions not trillions
Gabriel Nicholas
Gabriel Nicholas 8 timer siden
1 word: maps
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 8 timer siden
Trapped chests rn🖕
Ranch Dressing
Ranch Dressing 9 timer siden
but what about trapped chests shulker boxes ender chests barrels and chest donkeys
Ranch Dressing
Ranch Dressing 9 timer siden
256 blocks in the y direction actually
b҉r҉u҉h҉ 11 timer siden
I just realized all the green text is matpat and blue is Austin
Catherine Cai
Catherine Cai 12 timer siden
this number is literally the amount of comments i hear about cleaning up my room everyday- im not even joking.
Alatar 12 timer siden
And then, you start installing mods to add dimensions, planets and blocks
ALEXANDER R.286 12 timer siden
So did he take in consider shoulder boxes that can be in chests?
Robin Welper
Robin Welper 12 timer siden
biomes, bundles, new 1.17 build limits, shulker boxes(can be filled with bundles), locked maps inside item frames,animal age,plants age,redstone with different powers, certain blocks being able to turn,mobs can wear armor and hold items(which can have enchantments), items dropped on the floor which have rotation values and possibly enchants and names and ITEM NAMES and probaly some other stuff i missed need to be added if you want the true amount of worlds possible.
CursedTomb 13 timer siden
Math teachers be like: now tell me how many zeroes there are in the end
CarTES 11 timer siden
Uhhhhhhhh about 9 googolplex i think
Melon Sauce
Melon Sauce 13 timer siden
This video is just the meme: “this went from zero to 100 real quick” but BIGGER
I_KILL_PHILL 14 timer siden
Mmm seems like 7.5 trillion odds are good compared to this
Jose Alvarez
Jose Alvarez 16 timer siden
i know this is really late but he also forgot about double chests, ender chests, shulkers and barrels, and the fact that the storage items can go inside of each other with all the blocks inside of them.
That Redline Cat
That Redline Cat 16 timer siden
people that shout-talk
Amazing Fun
Amazing Fun 16 timer siden
whoever types the answer number in the comments gets a salute from me
Ian barber
Ian barber 17 timer siden
What about dropping an item on the ground?
Vex Aris
Vex Aris 18 timer siden
Long live the MUC
yuv12of 18 timer siden
I have one better for you,.. Player skins.
Jammyy dodgerUWU
Jammyy dodgerUWU 19 timer siden
you forgot mods
D33m Dag siden
i hurt now
Graham Fay
Graham Fay Dag siden
and here I was thinking you had stopped doing this part of the channel. also the volume of a Minecraft world is Two hundred sixty-two quadrillion, one hundred and forty-four trillion. (as of 2013) I think that you items in shulker boxes which can then be in chests
Maeesh MMA
Maeesh MMA Dag siden
Boiminecraft will end if u delete the game or the world ¯\_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯
girish kumar
girish kumar Dag siden
There are barrels and shulker boxes which can be placed.
Merlangpoo Dag siden
Yeah, I'm a guy who stuck in the past and love nostalgia. When the video started I expected to hear " DEAR MOJANG. Hi! IT's ME! AUSTIN!! ", and I miss this phrase.
John the herbalist G
John the herbalist G Dag siden
Ok, so minecraft is technically finite. Not endless. Clickbait title 🤣🤣🤣
Brandon Dowell
Brandon Dowell Dag siden
Correct me if I'm wrong, but you only have 1800 up and down view points. You can go from looking straight up to straight down. Can't twist your head vertically 360 degrees.
Nightmare [SM]
Nightmare [SM] Dag siden
Sandbox games have no end right?
Lu'nar Crimson
Lu'nar Crimson Dag siden
I literally only come here for Austin because of shoddycast
Solar Skwintz
Solar Skwintz Dag siden
My tiny monkey brain is unequipped to deal with this information
Ezequiel Castellanos
Ezequiel Castellanos Dag siden
What about shulker boxes INSIDE of chests?
Ethan M
Ethan M Dag siden
This was all useless, you can throw infinatly amount of items into one spot
Kyle Speedruns
Kyle Speedruns Dag siden
What happened to MatPat?
Greyson Thomas
Greyson Thomas Dag siden
R/I had a stroke
This Break my Brain
Erik Ramirez
Erik Ramirez Dag siden
wheres mat pat this video sucked
Zoltan Rusé-Tasnady
Zoltan Rusé-Tasnady Dag siden
16:20 for a second I thought it was the blue screen of death
The Blue Tornado
The Blue Tornado Dag siden
Mods: AM I A JOKE TO YOU The 2020 April fools 2.174 billion dimensions: I feel ya, mods. I feel ya.
Call Me Jamskii
Call Me Jamskii Dag siden
I was sitting at my desk going trough Twitter and i jumped when he said "James"
Just Joost
Just Joost Dag siden
U forgot Shulker boxes in and out of chest ,dropped items ,a player states
idkhow2type Dag siden
Wait until he finds out about entities' nbt data
Jack Moore
Jack Moore Dag siden
My head hurts just from listening to the first 5 mins I feel bad for you
The Hand Who Speaks In Mans
The Hand Who Speaks In Mans Dag siden
Also, mobs can exist in the same space as blocks. Fish, for example. Almost any mob can, although most will start suffocating.
Suleiman Atwan
Suleiman Atwan 2 dager siden
even tho he didn't add shaker boxes and he didn't change the limit the number won't budge
AG45 2 dager siden
just so you know the last number is like umm take a 1 and then attach this amount of zeros 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 what you just IMAGINED is the amount of *ZEROS* of the minecraft universalplex
Brent Bottoms
Brent Bottoms 2 dager siden
8:27 well besides 1, -1 and 0 for obvious reasons
MrTagnan 2 dager siden
What is the music at the end?
Sean Atkinson
Sean Atkinson 2 dager siden
The Mineplex
Ender G4MER
Ender G4MER 2 dager siden
Hey Austin, I think you might've messed up inputting the expression into the calculator. But before I get to my reasoning, I just want to say that I could DEFINITELY be wrong. I saw a comment that said that you could put shulker boxes in chests, so I thought I might as well do the math to see if it would change the number at all. If we take shulker boxes into account, it would mean that the total number of permutations for chests would be (33,095^27)^27 - because you can have the equivalent of 1 chest in a shulker box, and they don't stack. That number is about 10^10^39.302. Plugging that into the expression - instead of your 1.0804 * 10^122 - you get ~10^10^57.744. This is WAY smaller than the 10^10^10^1.3134 that you got. I even used the same Wolfram Alpha calculator that you did, and plugged in the expression that you came up with - without the shulker boxes - and it came out to only be ~10^10^20.578. I'm not trying to call you out, but no matter what I did, I couldn't get the 10^10^10^1.3134 that you did. Maybe you accidentally added an extra number somewhere, I don't know. But according to MY PERSONAL calculations, the true Minecraft Universal Constant should be 10^10^57.74366372079880. Again, I could definitely be wrong, but I think it's worth looking into a bit more.
elite gamers07
elite gamers07 2 dager siden
hey austin i have an episode idea for you it would be the science of satisfactory basically how possible and likely would it be that you were sent to this alien planet with next to nothing having to use the resources you can find to survive or if there would eve be those reasources on an alian planet
Grogu dude
Grogu dude 2 dager siden
what about every block in one stack
Keksi 2 dager siden
wait till he finds about dropped items
Blub Fish
Blub Fish 2 dager siden
Austin also an enderman and the player holding an item
Rbx Style
Rbx Style 2 dager siden
Game theory make a video about Herobrain because there are so much clues I saw on tiktok that people experience seeing herobrain
Polnareff Jan pierre
Polnareff Jan pierre 2 dager siden
You forgot the slots of the player and witch slot you are in and what your holding
33Dream Studios
33Dream Studios 2 dager siden
My mind already collapsed and you didn't added the armour things for horses the chests for donkeys and shulker boxes.
Zack Markham
Zack Markham 2 dager siden
you said 10^10^10^10^1.1 at the start, but ended with 10^10^10^1.31... where'd the rest go? Did you count all possible enchant mixes on weapons and armor. What about durability on weapons and armor? Dropped items from mobs burning in the sun and dying? Projectiles in air? Potion effects on yourself or mobs at given times? Adult and baby mobs? Falling blocks like gravel in sand in mid-fall? All the different levels of snow drifts?
Neon76 3 dager siden
The nether is 128 blocks tall, right?
Drakkion 3 dager siden
The recurence, is a time that everyone whom was from our earth is gone including bloodlines and genectics, and that any trace of our galaxy or visible universe is no more, and then some
DavidDaCandyBoi 3 dager siden
you forgot about armour stands with different armour peices and different enchantments lol
MagicalHalfman 3 dager siden
Ok so basically. The entity can look straight up and straight down. Meaning the entity can only look vertically in 180 degrees, not 360... Not that it affects anything lmao
Thejayman90 3 dager siden
Hey wait, I live in Edmonton Alberta
Max Grasso
Max Grasso 3 dager siden
wonder if he accounted for redstone ore being “activated” or not
Francisco Barros Moro
Francisco Barros Moro 3 dager siden
So thats the mineplax everyone is talking about
Building Up
Building Up 3 dager siden
I have a really good theory for you. In Donkey Kong Country Returns, there is a level called Crowded Cavern. You are chased by a giant mama bat, and near the end, she starts shooting echolocation laser beams at you. At the very end, she shoots out a gigantic laser beam that is strong enough to turn coal into diamonds, as demonstrated in the level. What would be the strength of the beam required to compress the coal into diamonds, what would be the impact of the beam on DK, and, more importantly, what is the impact of the rest of the world if these bats were released into the world?
Argentum 3 dager siden
theo thick
theo thick 3 dager siden
Did my man just prove reincarnation exists?
Campbell Tansley
Campbell Tansley 3 dager siden
We need more lore!
Ridge Love
Ridge Love 3 dager siden
snow layers
Memer Man
Memer Man 3 dager siden
What about barrels, shulker boxes, ender chests, and shulker boxer/bundles in chests?
Me Flamingos
Me Flamingos 3 dager siden
*you forgot about double chests*
Reggie Tyler-Andersons
Reggie Tyler-Andersons 3 dager siden
Well dont i feel worthless.
Golbarde 3 dager siden
Um... Shulker boxes... In-game time... I mean I shouldn't complain... You were the one that did the math. Edit: that suffered the math.
Greg Jonson
Greg Jonson 3 dager siden
You forgot to account for multiplayer.
MEEPsan 3 dager siden
Also I hope Austin doesn’t go into the comments, or his mind would blow up🤣
MEEPsan 3 dager siden
He is so wrong that the number wouldn’t budge, so, so, wrong. He didn’t include a bunch of things.
የኛ መዝሙር OUR SONG OFFICIAL 3 dager siden
Arma3KOTH 3 dager siden
anyone gonna tell him about item durability, snow layers, and shulkers?
Awsam Agbarya
Awsam Agbarya 3 dager siden
Damn imagine if modded minecraft counted too
Widget 3 dager siden
He forgot helmets and items mobs can spawn with, as well as blocks in an inventory.
MusicalTarrasque 3 dager siden
He forgot custom map art, each map has 16,384 individual pixels each which can be one of 10 million different colors, so to get the different possibilities for just one map you multiply those two numbers and get 163840000000 and that doesn't account for having each possible combination of multiple maps in one world, you would need to multiply 163840000000 by the number of possible block spaces 921600000000000000. but then also to calculate all of the possible arrangements of said maps you would have to multiply that number by the number of possible maps again 163840000000 which brings us to 2.47 x 10^40 and that doesn't account for the four cardinal directions they can be placed, or for all the different positions a player can hold it adding in that makes it 2.56 x 10^51 now if we add them being in chests and shulkers we have to multiply by the number of possible places it can be in a shulker (27) and then raise that 27 to the power of 2 for being able to be in chests and then to the power of 3 for being in chests on llamas and then 4 for mine cart chests and then we need to apply the number of possible locations and rotations of a chest and also apply the entitity possible positions twice, once for the minecart and once for the llama, then also raising the total amount needing to multiply our number by 8.226356490141696 × 10^55 bringing the total to approx. 2.11 × 10^107 and this not accounting for players being below y 0 or above y 256, or hoppers furnaces, double chests, or all the other type of storage blocks, or for the fact that players can hold shulkers in their hands. Now this number would be added to the total number of blocks, in the video his number is 946080000000001, we would add 199623984853054627331561859099775952773592383488000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 to that amount, so yeah. and that is just maps... Now if we added the book and quill...
Rowan Clay
Rowan Clay 3 dager siden
I love the epic music he uses
meri poika
meri poika 4 dager siden
you didn't count mobs sizes and their spawns in different biomes and you forgot that certain biomes gets rendered is certain worlds and item spawn in different locations and forgot villages, temples and abandoned ships sorry about the bad spelling and this comment was originally longer its just that i accidentally clicked something for it to delete the comment
magma 29
magma 29 4 dager siden
You should make an theory of the new ruined portal
Tanmay Rai
Tanmay Rai 4 dager siden
did he say 60 mil X * 60 mil Y * 256 Z blocks? not confused are you Buddy?
Duceaten 4 dager siden
the backsound is WUGMDS beat
SixFeetRabbit 4 dager siden
1 : Nether is only half the size of overworld (128 blocks in height) 2 : this is not how you pronounce "Poincaré" 3 : still a good video but the aforementioned elements are too prominent to not be researched, one name and a number that represent very little research too : / Timestamp 5:51
The L&K Network
The L&K Network 4 dager siden
If I’m not wrong this is total game states at one moment and not overall right?
The L&K Network
The L&K Network 4 dager siden
There is WAY more than 4.2 billion seeds!
The L&K Network
The L&K Network 4 dager siden
Oh Austin, you forgot item durability and item names! Which do have limits also enchants!
The L&K Network
The L&K Network 4 dager siden
It would probably be easier to calculate every possible game working or not at this point!
The L&K Network
The L&K Network 4 dager siden
The nether is 8 times smaller than the overworld!!!!
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