Game Theory: Solving the Mystery of Human Flight (Immortals Fenyx Rising)

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Theorists, have you ever wanted to fly? Not Superman fly, but soar on a pair of wings like, well, a Phoenix? In the amazing new game Immortals Fenyx Rising, your character gets to do just that. She is a winged warrior out to defeat mythological monsters on her quest to rescue the Gods. Fenyx's wings are VERY similar to those Daedalus made for Icarus in the famous Greek myth. We all know how that turned out. What I want to figure out today is if a human can really fly with a pair of wings and HOW that would need to work to not end up crashing to the earth like Icarus. Let's FLY!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Zach Stewart
Editor: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

TierZoo Måned siden
This feels like old school game theory and I love it Bummed insect wings weren't mentioned though. Adding a second pair of wings and swapping out feathers for membranes changes up the whole equation, and seeing as dragonflies have had pretty much the same wing design for around 300 million years, it could make for an interesting discussion.
DemonHunter-120 2 dager siden
Hello there
Jack Blackstar
Jack Blackstar 4 dager siden
That reminds me of something i read which may or may not be inaccurate, but it was: if humans had the wings of dragonflies, and their strength, scaled up to make flight possible, humans would be able to reach Mach 1 by flight alone
Migs Altavas
Migs Altavas 8 dager siden
@Xsb ZoMiE Hi love the vids
The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer
The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer 15 dager siden
Heyo Tier Zoo! Big fan.
Paulbo 17 dager siden
Cant believe ur channel grew that fast
TesserBlox 3 timer siden
Immortals Fenyx Rising and Genshin Impact are the children of Legend of Zelda BotW
Logan T
Logan T 8 timer siden
love the intro
Ash {Creator of dimensions}
Ash {Creator of dimensions} 8 timer siden
Sol Lopez
Sol Lopez 11 timer siden
Hades beat this game like hard...
Amethyst Volutions
Amethyst Volutions 13 timer siden
But they're both 2 ounces, the hamster and bird
Dolap Euphe
Dolap Euphe 14 timer siden
6:25 Language on the picture is Turkish
AuthentiK Dag siden
1:50 buts not a great marriage lol that game is trash
Ariel Dag siden
A god Genshin Impact's gliders
Capsirus Dag siden
Great. Now I want a theory about kid icarus Thanks a lot
Brian Rodriguez
Brian Rodriguez Dag siden
This is nioh
PokuBit 3 dager siden
someone should make a theory on the game theory
Real_ entless
Real_ entless 3 dager siden
i want this to be a mod for that game
Kai Smith
Kai Smith 3 dager siden
*me thinking it was Phoenix*
kawikaito 3 dager siden
It’s pronounced dae da lus
Trevon Barnes
Trevon Barnes 3 dager siden
This guy should read the holy Bible
Lemøn Cøøkie
Lemøn Cøøkie 4 dager siden
"Ruining your childhood since 2011"
Lall O
Lall O 4 dager siden
It may of just been me but wasn’t he saying a good chunk of the Greek words wrong. Still a good theory just something that was irritating myself a tad throughout this episode
Toa Sully
Toa Sully 4 dager siden
Wright Brothers: That's cute
Imthatextrakid 4 dager siden
“You’ve married an Icarus, he’s flown too close to the sun” -Eliza
Capsirus Dag siden
I was think more Pit from kid icarus
Sabrina Myers
Sabrina Myers 5 dager siden
Spell pheonix correctly
riley van horn guy
riley van horn guy 5 dager siden
except her wings don't move like a humming bird
InfiniteWater 6 dager siden
I would watch this video but I like to go into games blind. So take my like instead of a view.
incognito rea
incognito rea 6 dager siden
New theory: why does Hugo hunt down/keep Maya (protagonist) in the hotel forcefully in "at dead of night". Like what does he want from us, whats the lore behind why Hugo was abusive towards Jimmy or why does he control Jimmy and whats his purpose keeping people in the hotel
AQUA ZANE 6 dager siden
Laughs as I read Percy Jackson. I knew the story😁
Geovani Monzon
Geovani Monzon 7 dager siden
Game theory intro hits hard
Migs Altavas
Migs Altavas 8 dager siden
Thunderhawk Gaming
Thunderhawk Gaming 8 dager siden
The story of king minus and the bull is the first ub ntr of all time
SCP 049
SCP 049 8 dager siden
Fexyx isn't phoenix because it is the main characters name
Joshua Martin
Joshua Martin 8 dager siden
Isn't Julius Caesar roman? How did he know about him?
Hanako Wolf
Hanako Wolf 8 dager siden
Am I the only one getting flashbacks to James Patterson's "Maximum Ride" series of books/comics!?! No? Okay, then.
Diler Mohammad 8A Celsiusskolan 7-9
Diler Mohammad 8A Celsiusskolan 7-9 8 dager siden
This is Turkish and I love it. Since I moved to Turkish when I was young, my speech and writing skills were great and amazing. That's a true story.
Zev Feitelson
Zev Feitelson 9 dager siden
I am kind off annoyed with how much ubisoft sponsored people for this game, it's just Breath of the wild but worse and I wish I hadn't bought it
Beamer Boy
Beamer Boy 9 dager siden
The Putnam county spelling bee!
Regal 1997 - YT
Regal 1997 - YT 9 dager siden
How come you don’t do book theory
Elle Rozier
Elle Rozier 9 dager siden
My Percy Jackson knowledge is FINALLY coming into play 😂
JohnGold42 10 dager siden
First anymore spelling bee I’m pretty sure I’ve seen one at the very least before this
The Ocurrent
The Ocurrent 10 dager siden
If Ovid could have heard this have for sure he wouldn’t have written about it in the first place, maybe he just wanted to kill a boy and make a life lesson out of it, can’t a man do that anymore? Geez year 8 and there’s already quite the criticism
MoonL13 10 dager siden
I wish I became the spelling bee champion with the word trinitrotoluene
Angelina Vald
Angelina Vald 10 dager siden
Hello matpat, probably won't see this but there's a game nobody can figure out! It has an incredible life even I can't understand, and Im wishing you could figure out! It's in roblox called : de pride isle sanitarium, if you want to see if it's actually good here's a video of the trailer!:
Enoc Lopez
Enoc Lopez 11 dager siden
Yessir Matpat rockin' that Putnam county spelling bee reference
Troy S
Troy S 11 dager siden
Why the Justin Trudeu head on Fenyx's body! I'm Canadian and this joke makes sense to me!
hman0987 11 dager siden
Do a yume nikki theory
Mitchell Todman
Mitchell Todman 11 dager siden
Matpat look at this game then look at the game genshin impact and look at the similarities
niko123 12 dager siden
Hey, mat pat do you know about a book named maximum ride it's about teens who has wing running from scientists trying to experiment on them
BoxedGoat 12 dager siden
you’re making theory’s about everything.... EXPECT YOU!!!! WHAT DO YOU HIDE GAME THEORY?!?!?!?!
neon gamer
neon gamer 12 dager siden
Wow he just busted the greatest myth we all want to know: video games are educational 😎
Luna Morningstar
Luna Morningstar 12 dager siden
That game was amazing!!! I got it for Christmas I was so addicted I couldn’t let go of my switch I recommend it to everyone😆
Takashi204 12 dager siden
I thought it was pronounced fenix lol
cayden kwek
cayden kwek 12 dager siden
Icarus...It's reminds me of classroom of the elite
Edom 13 dager siden
When you already know all of this because you’ve read all the Percy Jackson books at least 3 times 😎
because baconislife
because baconislife 13 dager siden
Me predicting what he's going to say because I've seen game theory. We need to know her mass, the effect of gravity, the size of the wings and the speed of the wings
Dyury 1237
Dyury 1237 13 dager siden
Watch "dead little roosters"
your nightmare's
your nightmare's 13 dager siden
Omg if he dose do a myth theory than thats my idea im so happy
Waffle Bros
Waffle Bros 13 dager siden
King minus?
Why r u here
Why r u here 13 dager siden
I'm guessing Ikaros never bothered to watch this...
Oliver Ulloa
Oliver Ulloa 14 dager siden this you Matpat?
ElitistMemeist 14 dager siden
Wasn’t icarus his nephew?
Symphony Sketch
Symphony Sketch 14 dager siden
Now I is confused, I have a special teacher who teaches me and other kids about Greek Mythology, and he prouncouces it “Day-da-lus”. HoW dO yOu PrOnOuNcE iT? And also, the story I heard about it was that king Minus’s daughter was taken away from the island by uh the guy who slain the Minotaur, because she found the island boring. The king didn’t know it was him so instead accused Daedalus
KP2000 14 dager siden
Its called a myth in the year 8. They did not understand that sort of science at the time. #cancelMatPat
ascottishgamerx 14 dager siden
I thought Daedalus made a replica girl bull that Mina’s wife went in and got impregnated.
Istral 14 dager siden
The one youtuber I expected to pronounce Dae, dalus correctly. Dang it MatPat.
NJ 15 dager siden
Intro is godlike
Dr Mood
Dr Mood 15 dager siden
If a potato can fly a potato can hop
Danger Noodle
Danger Noodle 15 dager siden
Didnt see before this episode that you added food theory to the logo.
fun play world
fun play world 15 dager siden
Turkish language
Jay Kay
Jay Kay 16 dager siden
If humans had wings they wouldn’t be on our back but our arms with our hands. Our bones would have to be at least 10 times dense while our heart would have to beat 20 times faster. A human would die before making it half the heart rate
The Marauder
The Marauder 16 dager siden
TL;DR Hummingbirds.
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer 16 dager siden
I AM COMING AS A FNAF REPRESENTATIVE: Hello Matpat, I had just finished reading the book Blackbird and I thought of something. In the first story, Nole and Sam create a fake animatronic that comes and tries to kill Nole after Sam goes missing. He is haunted until he is forced to confront he victim form Jr. High and apologize for his bullying. Going back to the Blackbird, they made a suit for it and it seems to come to life. Now this could just be a mere coincidence that Nole experiences trauma but this is FNAF so I’m not so sure about that. But regarding the suits life, it came to life after Sam and Nole Discuss Nole’s bullying. So maybe the suit came to life via the agony caused by the bully victim, Christine. And once he makes amends to her, the agony is gone. Nothing is left to fuel the bird. So my point is, maybe agony doesn’t have to be injected directly. Maybe all it takes is an inanimate object related to a strong felling of agony. After all, Sam was sort of bulled by Nole and after that, the suit that Sam made supposedly comes to life, reawakening the agony from Christine. This agony goes to form Blackbird and stays inside it until amends is made. Now I draw your attention to Psychic Freind Fredbear. He may be fulled not by a sole but by agony. He is fueled with the agony do The Crying Child’s greif and sadness. And the reason the doll is in William’s office is because William will soon use it for it’s agony or because it’s a momentum of his child. Thank you for coming to my TedTalk
xt 528
xt 528 17 dager siden
Can you explain to me how A BEE flies
Mr. ice bear
Mr. ice bear 17 dager siden
Did he say Putnam county in the intro I live there
Brandon Perkins
Brandon Perkins 17 dager siden
Wait, so Michael Jordan is 11.5 feet tall? I must have misunderstood that bit
OtakuX 17 dager siden
Nobody: Mattpatt: *roasting author to shame with science*
OA Motivational TV
OA Motivational TV 17 dager siden
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mosi moradi
mosi moradi 17 dager siden
"9:50" Happy to get a lot of 💎 from *FF2.ONLINE*
isabella gao
isabella gao 17 dager siden
Can you do a genshin impact theory??
Slaughter 7640369
Slaughter 7640369 17 dager siden
i have one issue with this video. armour weight
Mathinus Wolters
Mathinus Wolters 17 dager siden
One of the best video's in a long time! Learned a lot, it was fun, good jokes, nice editing, the most clever use of a sponsor and overall just great :D Great job guys, this is the kind of thing I'm subscribed for! ;D
Ethan Miguel Serkey
Ethan Miguel Serkey 18 dager siden
Factoids are not actually facts, hence the -oid suffix. How could you give vocabulary wrong in a video you start this way? You meant little-known fact.
A L L T H E M E M E S :\
A L L T H E M E M E S :\ 18 dager siden
Matpat is the only person who could think of a way to make an entire video about a sponsor
little cat05
little cat05 18 dager siden
Thats a gerbil not a 2 ounce mouse
Cat Girl
Cat Girl 18 dager siden
This is the kind of game theory I love! Biology and physics for life!
Payasita coni chicago
Payasita coni chicago 18 dager siden
God of warrrrrrrrr has a baby
Janneth85C 18 dager siden
Mother nature: *dosent give humans wings* Humans: *use jetpacks anyways*
Big Snake Boss
Big Snake Boss 18 dager siden
I know a different story for this one Mat. Not to go against you man but I could see this one to.
Superhero Editron
Superhero Editron 18 dager siden
As a Percy Jackson fan, I can confirm that this video is pretty darn accurate.
crazy lavend
crazy lavend 19 dager siden
So basically fenyx rising is greek genshin impact
Sam Garofalo
Sam Garofalo 19 dager siden
The spelling bee reference >>>>>
Lulu 19 dager siden
do a vid on incredibox
Pdog 1107
Pdog 1107 19 dager siden
I just realized mat has red green and yellow, all the colors of the stop light
stephen Roper
stephen Roper 19 dager siden
Fenyx can be male or female
Kavious Hart
Kavious Hart 19 dager siden
Seya 20 dager siden
we can't fly... we're just built different
MEME.DADDY 20 dager siden
now explain how sephiroth can fly with only one wing
Green Berry
Green Berry 20 dager siden
is this the 26th annual putnam county spelling bee
Matthew Wallington
Matthew Wallington 20 dager siden
Ay you can make Fenyx male or female and it’s annoying me
Monica Keyser
Monica Keyser 21 dag siden
Me and my raccoon love watching your Channel if you want to see my raccoon go check me out on TickTock my name is Jacob Kaiser 09 it should have a cute dog on it
Gina Courtemanche
Gina Courtemanche 21 dag siden
At least I know I can go Genshin impact style with wings
Emerald Etherious
Emerald Etherious 22 dager siden
If you add a c to ovid in #cancelovid then you could technically cancel the virus
ShadowRonin 22 dager siden
The fact that the wings reminded me of that part of the poem but for got icarus is name and I tried to remember,then mat start talking about is crazy to me
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