How Deadly Is Sephiroth's Meteor in Final Fantasy 7 | The Science of... Final Fantasy

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The Final Fantasy VII remake is finally out and that means it's time to talk for Austin to tackle something that has been on his mind for years! At the end of the game, when Sephiroth's meteor is slowly hurtling towards Gaia and it is up to you and the plot to stop it, you have to wonder - is it actually a big deal? Now, meteors are crazy destructive, but this thing is moving so slow! Today, Austin is going to see if this meteor was a dud or if the destruction would have ended the franchise for good!
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John Sebastian Carlos
John Sebastian Carlos 10 dager siden
2500 megatons!!!!!!!!!
John Sebastian Carlos
John Sebastian Carlos 10 dager siden
so it is a 1 kilometers and 300 meters
kinda new
kinda new 12 dager siden
1:00 am
Yakusoku no Ji
Yakusoku no Ji 14 dager siden
The Meteor is held together and amplified by magic so this entire video is pointless.
MrPro Gamer
MrPro Gamer 14 dager siden
Bruh burj khalifa is in Dubai (united arab emirates) , not saudia arabia..
Kadeo123321 17 dager siden
I never watch any of the Austin episodes and I’m not gunna start now
ziad/ زياد
ziad/ زياد 20 dager siden
12:08 just wanna point out something Khalifa tower isn't in saudi Arabia it is in uae(United Arab Emirates)
nemo nd
nemo nd 22 dager siden
The dinosaur meteor that is all
shikamaru thomas
shikamaru thomas 24 dager siden
Wow 666,950 views I'm scared
The KnightFTW
The KnightFTW 26 dager siden
Where's Matpatt?
Mr Packer
Mr Packer 27 dager siden
You better believe I was thinking "but it do be a magic meteor"
Frank Myers
Frank Myers 25 dager siden
People think magic meteors don't be like they is, but it do!!
Kenneth Ravenscroft
Kenneth Ravenscroft 27 dager siden
epic outro! A Sephirnyan meteor.
The101Ranger Måned siden
Burj Kalifa is in UAE dude...
Adam Hinton
Adam Hinton Måned siden
I wonder if anyone knows who the true savior of the planet is in FFVII. It's not who you would expect (i.e. not Cloud, Aerith, Barret, or Tifa.) It is someone who had a direct link to everything that happens in the game and without whom nothing in the game would have taken place. Let me know if you can figure out who it is, how they saved the planet, and why.
Mr. m
Mr. m Måned siden
Did he say that Burj khalifa is in Saudi Arabia???
Txuzai FF14
Txuzai FF14 Måned siden
This is Final Fantasy its not a normal meteor...
BloodySymphony Måned siden
Quick side note: The Burj Khalifa is actually in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, not in Saudi Arabia :)
N T Måned siden
“And Sephiroth (this twink here)” I burst out laughing I was not expecting that 😂
عبدالله امين
عبدالله امين Måned siden
Dear austin, Burj khalifa is in UAE.
Kiera patato
Kiera patato Måned siden
I don’t know about that but it seems dangerous
My sister was like "we're all going to die!"
Who else laughed in and like crazy
Austin your my favorite, don't tell MatPat🙅
Ben Davis
Ben Davis Måned siden
i'm gonna go study astrophysics and thermodynamics for a few years so i can name the meteor that kills us all, Sephiroth.
꧁ ʚ〖 ୭ Տᴀᴅɪǫᴜʀ Rᴀʜᴍᴀɴ ୭ 〗ɞ ꧂
꧁ ʚ〖 ୭ Տᴀᴅɪǫᴜʀ Rᴀʜᴍᴀɴ ୭ 〗ɞ ꧂ Måned siden
"burj khalifa in Saudi Arabia" *UAE has left the chat*
Apollad2 Måned siden
You know, all these calculations are based on if Holy just failed to contain it and it fell from a near standstill... What if Holy had never been cast?
Colonel Striker 251
Colonel Striker 251 Måned siden
I want Austin to cover all calculations in GT MatPat is here talking about the general theory then Austin suddenly AAAAAAAA THIS IS (expletive) HARD BUT WE GOT THIS HUGE NUMBER WHICH HOLY (expletive) BIG
new canon? so does this mean the original game ISN'T CANON NOW?!!!
Feronar-Stormrage US
Feronar-Stormrage US Måned siden
12:12 Burj Khalifa is in the United Arab Emirates, not Saudi Arabia.
Wahyu Setiawan
Wahyu Setiawan 2 måneder siden
in saudi arabia?
Christian 2 måneder siden
I'm not really sure the physics work out here. Two massive objects impacting each other at low relative speeds would likely release some kinetic energy as heat but a lot of the energy would be released over a significant amount of time and so much of it would be eaten up by deformation that it wouldn't be catastrophic except for the immediate surrounding area.
SwaggerSoulS 2 måneder siden
Couldn't you take one of the space shots and assuming it's the size of the earth using the curvature determine the size of the meteor and than estimate the mass using the same average or is there a lot more math stuff I'm not considering
SwaggerSoulS 2 måneder siden
He really just casually calls sepho-boi a twink huh
Connor Johnson
Connor Johnson 2 måneder siden
The Burj Khalifa is in the UAE not Saudi Arabia
Hero Syndicate
Hero Syndicate 2 måneder siden
what about the resistance from its huge surface area pushing through the air. its def not aerodynamic, something like that would probably cause massive weather phenomena
A.G.K. 2 måneder siden
4:50 he didn' have to correct himself... it is over 20x the speed of least
Warren Peace
Warren Peace 2 måneder siden
15:05 "Sephirock"?
Legendary Detective Wobbuffet
Legendary Detective Wobbuffet 2 måneder siden
I love how "rain of fish" is now an official unit of measurement.
Yo 2 måneder siden
this guy is so bad, please don´t let him do anymore videos...
Seth Xozen
Seth Xozen 2 måneder siden
I have watched video so many times and always rewind at sears tower bit
mattbonner12 2 måneder siden
Fun fact, I actually got to perform an arrangement of "Mars the Bringer of War" for a french horn choir. Also, luckily we have our big brother of a planet (Jupiter) to divert said dangerous meteors lol
Kung Olaf
Kung Olaf 2 måneder siden
6:43 Wait? I swear I read that Midgar was about 300 meters above surface from somewhere... And considering the scales of the Remake and certain scenes where Cloud's gang takes a look at the destroyed Sector 7 during daytime, I'd say 300 meters is much more closer to the truth. 11:59 Now I get it.
DoctorGames101 2 måneder siden
Where is Mat Pat? He is better off explaining these things, like he did years ago from another Final Fantasy video he made.
Kinra Jade
Kinra Jade 2 måneder siden
I don't know what an exajoule is but i don't want to know either. For my imagination sake.
Treshaun Billingslea-Houston
Treshaun Billingslea-Houston 2 måneder siden
dayana yazbek
dayana yazbek 2 måneder siden
If ya want something to theorize about that gives ya a totally unique feeling like Doki Doki Literature Club is YOU and ME and HER it has a lot to theorize about an you’ll love it I swear
Bima Pramudya
Bima Pramudya 2 måneder siden
Actually, there's another channel ( tech channel ) named Austin Evans
RainbowDashX RainbowBlitz
RainbowDashX RainbowBlitz 3 måneder siden
Mat pat you need to finish your final theory on petscop it has 25 episodes now
The Codex
The Codex 3 måneder siden
How did you get AII that for pixels..some one please tell me
Ano N. Ymous
Ano N. Ymous 3 måneder siden
Honestly, the last bit of paranoia was totally unneccessary. Jupiter is already catching most space objects that want to go to the inner solar system.
VisZenOP 3 måneder siden
13:58 If I was born during that time, the ground would've exploded under me.
DIO, Gone To Heaven
DIO, Gone To Heaven 3 måneder siden
I love the ending.
KiJoo 3 måneder siden
The fish comparison is underrated, made me laugh
Lucky C4t
Lucky C4t 3 måneder siden
That's the math for if it was slowed to a stop 1300km above the planet, before being allowed to accelerate freely. What if it wasn't stopped in the first place?
perfectibility999 3 måneder siden
I will never call it the Willis Tower!
Klerberhowk The Solider
Klerberhowk The Solider 3 måneder siden
Who Cares?
Who Cares? 3 måneder siden
Can anybody help me find the music used at 3:36?
Caffeine Ravine
Caffeine Ravine 3 måneder siden
Sephiroth never wanted to destroy the planet completely. Just enough energy to absorb to rule the planet.
Kazuki Katsuhito
Kazuki Katsuhito 3 måneder siden
So it could just be over just like that lol
I need sleep
I need sleep 3 måneder siden
"ON WOW, I'm sure he's fine!" Me: A r e y o u S U R E A B O U T T H A T
Asher Petkevich
Asher Petkevich 3 måneder siden
Honastly Austin is better than matpat
WaltLVL999 3 måneder siden
Unless the you count the fact that raw mako is a highly volatile substance, and Midgar is a giant fuel station of raw mako with pipes leading deep into the planet.
Yandere Mystery
Yandere Mystery 3 måneder siden
sephiroth is dominate!
Toney's Reviews
Toney's Reviews 3 måneder siden
I really feel like, the size of Midgar is being seriously under sized here. Imo, Midgar looks at least the size of LA in how much landmass it takes up. If that is the case, that meteor would be a lot wider. Thus, the meteor would be hole lot bigger than what is being represented.
Josh Bennett
Josh Bennett 3 måneder siden
I’m not a scientist but I’m curious. If Meteor was that big. Wouldn’t it cause more than just physical damage if the impact? Wouldn’t it’s mere presence cause damage? Shifts in tidal forces. Causing massive Tsunamis? Probably do something to the atmosphere. Mess up gravity etc. idk. I feel like we would be fucked if it even got that close
alan smithee
alan smithee 3 måneder siden
0:40 But only for the people who are still alive
potato 3 måneder siden
the tower is not in Saudi Arabia it's in Dubai
1ce_s0n1c 3 måneder siden
Every time "HI, IT'S ME - AUSTIN!" makes me go *YES*
Brandon Foley
Brandon Foley 3 måneder siden
What about dust? Didn’t the dinosaur meteor cause a winter of some kind? We do need sunlights.
Luna 360
Luna 360 3 måneder siden
Hmm. . Well it's clear Sephiroth did not do his math
Coding in the saddle
Coding in the saddle 3 måneder siden
It’s time to stop ranting and start mathing I need that on a shirt
Jack Jeager87
Jack Jeager87 4 måneder siden
This show was better before he joined this channel
Joshua NotTelling
Joshua NotTelling 4 måneder siden
what's the music at 6:22?
Doodle Rager Ren
Doodle Rager Ren 4 måneder siden
Zaid Image
Zaid Image 4 måneder siden
Uhhhhhhhhh you said burg kalifa in Saudi arabia?
NeonStrings 4 måneder siden
You know NOpost is really going down when their content creators become more and more of them acting as an internet celebrity. Suddenly everyone wanted to become an internet celebrity.
atreestump 4 måneder siden
In the original game you can stand outside of Midgard, up against the wall... Couldn't you have taken measurements of how tall cloud is compared to the wall and work your way up from there?
Fresh Beginnings
Fresh Beginnings 4 måneder siden
Just wanted to add Sephiroth never actually casted Meteor during our battle with him. I mean he does in-battle, but not really. Just an attack. Just like how they obviously do not wait their turn during combat^^
TheTalantonX 4 måneder siden
Amazing video as always. One minor nitpick/stylistic question - why the wide range of measurement units, like using miles and kilometers in the same scenario and on the screen at the same time yet referring to different things (as opposed to listing both with one being the conversion of the other)?
Vampire Hunter
Vampire Hunter 4 måneder siden
Tbh 50x is more than 20x
TheNero97 4 måneder siden
Nasa sees a meteor that would wipe earth off the galactic map: Call in- *SPACE FORCE*
alex bernhardt
alex bernhardt 4 måneder siden
Let me help you. the midgar model in the shinra building is 1/10000 the scale of the actual thing. Given we're dealing with humanoids who are well human, clouds height is about 6ft or roughly 1.83 meters. Compare his length to the length of the radius of the model. Then multiply that by 2pi(r) and then multiply by 10000. You now have the actual circumference of midgar, and because we are only dealing with an exponent of 1 in our calculations, we do not need to worry about adjusting any measurements as we would with say volume. From the cutscenes of the the original we know that Meteor is roughly the same circumference as midgar, so we just need to find volume both the shell of "silicon and carbon" and the core of whatever material is in the interior, probably an ultra dense metal that is extremely conductive. Using the circumference we have found, and the fact that r=C/(2pi) we can guesstimate the thickness (t) of the outer shell and calculate the outer and inner volumes V(outer)= (4/3)pi*((C/2pi)^3-((C/2pi)-t)^3) and V(inner) = (4/3)pi*((C/2pi)-t)^3 Now for the mass. Pick the elements you think most accurately describes their shells and multiply their density times the volumes respectively. M(outer) = (rho)(Vouter) M(inner) = (rho)(Vinner) finally, sum the masses together, guesstimate the velocity, and use the basics of kinetic and potential energy to find a rough estimate for the energy it will impact with. Take the planet to be roughly the same as earth in this scenario. All simple stuff really. Edit: Extremely Conductive*
RoboJesus 4 måneder siden
I very much appreciate the OG Doom weapon sounds followed by Doomguy's death scream
Justin Cook
Justin Cook 4 måneder siden
Living in Fort Wayne, I am glad to see that I would survive if meteor hit Chicago.
sarmientojeffrey40 4 måneder siden
I love that you called sephiroth a twink 🤣
Daniel Holmes
Daniel Holmes 4 måneder siden
Ya hit the Matt Button!! Ya shouldn't have done that!
MaryRyan H.
MaryRyan H. 4 måneder siden
it took Evan Townshend 3 days to walk from Sector 8 to Sector 5 the longer way 8 1 2 3 4 5
Jacksonian Sonex
Jacksonian Sonex 4 måneder siden
“The Burj Khalifa, in Saudi Arabia.” -Austin 2020.
Ribbons Almark
Ribbons Almark 4 måneder siden
Why didn't you just compare meteor with the size of the moon for a size estimate?
nukeboy 76
nukeboy 76 4 måneder siden
the apnospere is very large and the meteor in this would most definately cause more damage, because he forgot to acount for distanse and apnosperic alowences because the meteor must be going at LEAST 800-1800m/s for the apnospere to create heat and due to the speed it has to go for that to happen, it must be F A S T
nukeboy 76
nukeboy 76 4 måneder siden
i am not kidding because if you were to make this in KSP it would HAVE to be going those speeds and it has PROPULTION meaning it was accelerating into the planet so yea, no
nukeboy 76
nukeboy 76 4 måneder siden
but NO not right
nukeboy 76
nukeboy 76 4 måneder siden
shure there could be artistic lisense
nukeboy 76
nukeboy 76 4 måneder siden
ok, listen. if it still has the speed to reenter it has to be going at LEAST 900m/s for minimal apnosperic heating
DaiGenGTR 4 måneder siden
Burj Khalifa is in dubai, UAE not Saudi Arabia...
Prince Ronnie
Prince Ronnie 4 måneder siden
He literally called Sephiroth a *TWINK* . I’ve never been more proud.
The Lone wolf
The Lone wolf 4 måneder siden
12:11 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ it’s in Dubai, uae
꧁rainber space agency and explosion lover꧂
꧁rainber space agency and explosion lover꧂ 4 måneder siden
Apophis wants to know your location
millgiass 4 måneder siden
But AUSTIN... The day wasn't saved. In that time line humanity perished and the planet returned to it's natural wild state. The creator said so. lol
gtfox foxtrot
gtfox foxtrot 4 måneder siden
Nux taku
Muayad Alfarsi
Muayad Alfarsi 4 måneder siden
burg Khalifa in Dubai - UAE
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