How Deadly Is Sephiroth's Meteor in Final Fantasy 7 | The Science of... Final Fantasy

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9 måneder siden

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The Final Fantasy VII remake is finally out and that means it's time to talk for Austin to tackle something that has been on his mind for years! At the end of the game, when Sephiroth's meteor is slowly hurtling towards Gaia and it is up to you and the plot to stop it, you have to wonder - is it actually a big deal? Now, meteors are crazy destructive, but this thing is moving so slow! Today, Austin is going to see if this meteor was a dud or if the destruction would have ended the franchise for good!
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Hello World
Hello World Dag siden
14:41 I love this moment too much
Abdulmalik Alashban
Abdulmalik Alashban 3 dager siden
12:12 Ermm.. Burj khalifa isn't in Sudia Arabia it's in Dubai in the UAE
Cloud Strife
Cloud Strife 5 dager siden
Zain Hilmy
Zain Hilmy 6 dager siden
Yo this isn’t just me that noticed this hopefully but the Burj Khalifa is in Saudi Arabia you sure about that Austin?
Acerblade25 7 dager siden
Why isn’t mat doing the video?
Agent Viper
Agent Viper 7 dager siden
Two words-freedom units
אילון שחמון
אילון שחמון 8 dager siden
Why didn’t you say anything about the earthquakes?
Allanah Usita
Allanah Usita 10 dager siden
8:34 "An _empty_ balloon _filled_ with air"
Kaleem 11 dager siden
funny austin lives in chicago and not texas....
Nymyzys 12 dager siden
Christ, my dude. Lay off the caffeine.
Draw Do 2
Draw Do 2 13 dager siden
Why does Austin’s videos always gets less views..???
Jeanes Strebe
Jeanes Strebe 19 dager siden
I just love crisis core!One of the best part of thee ffseries in my oppinion.
TJ PRODUCTION 20 dager siden
Dont make austien mad (btw i am sorry if i say your name wrong)
Hyperactiv Gamer
Hyperactiv Gamer 23 dager siden
Sry but why ar you so annoyed with videogame Logik?
dumb Lee
dumb Lee 25 dager siden
dumb Lee
dumb Lee 25 dager siden
I hate this guys voice and the stupid music in the background
Shnuk 26 dager siden
I love Austin from game theory
Jazyzamp Måned siden
Considering the fact that he's using algebraic equations, I'd say very deadly!
victor paris llana
victor paris llana Måned siden
"OK my fellow scientists, there is a meteor the size larger than Pluto heading this way. Before we potentially die, we should name it. Any ideas?" Me who remembers FFVII: UHHH...Supernova?" Everyone:But Why? Me:You all will see soon enough...
Jordan Harnden
Jordan Harnden Måned siden
Dyland Sleighs
Dyland Sleighs Måned siden
POV:You're here after Sephiroth in Smash
Pestilence Måned siden
I’m here after getting sephiroth in smash
Aldwin Ocampo
Aldwin Ocampo Måned siden
Maybe watch final fantasy VII Advent Children
why am i here
why am i here Måned siden
"the tallest tower burj khalifa in saudi arabia" me an arabian: wait burj khalifa is in dubai in the U.A.E
Dracone1024 Måned siden
I will pronounce it M AAAA ko, till the end of time!!!
Stickman Gaming
Stickman Gaming Måned siden
i love how people forget about the manuals description of the element Holy itself; "calls upon the power of the planet..." meaning Holy was never meant to be the thing that actually stops Meteor, only summon the power of the planet to do it, as in Holy summons the Lifestream as a weapon, like we see in the ending, if anything Holy is a focusing point for the Lifestream, when reaching critical mass, boom, bye bye Meteor.
L1GHT D3M0N Måned siden
Smash soon be like: Also: “Meteor” appears to be a planetoid in Remake. It doesn’t matter how fast it’s moving, it’s gonna hurt.
Cash ordeals
Cash ordeals Måned siden
It's cool they have his shirtless outfit from the og FF7 as the final battle when omnislash is your only attack that was 🔥
shubh mistry
shubh mistry Måned siden
Oooooh that got me ! 😂😂😂😂 3:05
Exraiel Valcore
Exraiel Valcore Måned siden
So deadly it got him a spot on SMASH!
KingYote Gaming
KingYote Gaming Måned siden
Well now he’s in smash.
Bubbabyte Måned siden
Who else is here because Sephiroth was revealed for Smash today?
Michael Breen
Michael Breen Måned siden
Adham Abuirtaimeh
Adham Abuirtaimeh Måned siden
Burj khalifa in Saudi Arabia when I live in dubai and know it’s in the use AUSTIN
Julian Måned siden
12:12 uae
Hi I’m a random weeb with a Nezuko profile pic
Hi I’m a random weeb with a Nezuko profile pic 2 måneder siden
Feck we going to wutai
sayn boi
sayn boi 2 måneder siden
The madara of final fantasy
Twin Team
Twin Team 2 måneder siden
ever heard of jupitor a planet so large that it blocks of all metiors
Connor Young
Connor Young 2 måneder siden
Isn’t the meteor magically charged? It’s look after it was shot shows, like electricity and stuff
MegaMementoMori 2 måneder siden
... Did you just say "Burj Khalifa in Saudi Arabia"?
J M 2 måneder siden
That's so cool
Chill Shill
Chill Shill 2 måneder siden
Why didn't you use Advent Children for scale?
sansmaster3345 2 måneder siden
Here’s a question,”how does the rocket jumper and sticky jumper from TF2 work?”
Mauricio Peña
Mauricio Peña 2 måneder siden
Jeez are you annoying. Where's Matt?
John Sebastian Carlos
John Sebastian Carlos 3 måneder siden
2500 megatons!!!!!!!!!
John Sebastian Carlos
John Sebastian Carlos 3 måneder siden
so it is a 1 kilometers and 300 meters
soybeanmemefish 3 måneder siden
1:00 am
Yakusoku no Ji
Yakusoku no Ji 3 måneder siden
The Meteor is held together and amplified by magic so this entire video is pointless.
MrPro Gamer
MrPro Gamer 3 måneder siden
Bruh burj khalifa is in Dubai (united arab emirates) , not saudia arabia..
Kadeo123321 3 måneder siden
I never watch any of the Austin episodes and I’m not gunna start now
ziad/ زياد
ziad/ زياد 3 måneder siden
12:08 just wanna point out something Khalifa tower isn't in saudi Arabia it is in uae(United Arab Emirates)
nemo nd
nemo nd 3 måneder siden
The dinosaur meteor that is all
shikamaru thomas223
shikamaru thomas223 3 måneder siden
Wow 666,950 views I'm scared
The KnightFTW
The KnightFTW 3 måneder siden
Where's Matpatt?
Mr Packer
Mr Packer 3 måneder siden
You better believe I was thinking "but it do be a magic meteor"
Frank Myers
Frank Myers 3 måneder siden
People think magic meteors don't be like they is, but it do!!
Kenneth Ravenscroft
Kenneth Ravenscroft 3 måneder siden
epic outro! A Sephirnyan meteor.
The101Ranger 3 måneder siden
Burj Kalifa is in UAE dude...
Adam Hinton
Adam Hinton 4 måneder siden
I wonder if anyone knows who the true savior of the planet is in FFVII. It's not who you would expect (i.e. not Cloud, Aerith, Barret, or Tifa.) It is someone who had a direct link to everything that happens in the game and without whom nothing in the game would have taken place. Let me know if you can figure out who it is, how they saved the planet, and why.
Mr. m
Mr. m 4 måneder siden
Did he say that Burj khalifa is in Saudi Arabia???
Txuzai FF14
Txuzai FF14 4 måneder siden
This is Final Fantasy its not a normal meteor...
BloodySymphony 4 måneder siden
Quick side note: The Burj Khalifa is actually in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, not in Saudi Arabia :)
N T 4 måneder siden
“And Sephiroth (this twink here)” I burst out laughing I was not expecting that 😂
عبدالله امين
عبدالله امين 4 måneder siden
Dear austin, Burj khalifa is in UAE.
Kiera patato
Kiera patato 4 måneder siden
I don’t know about that but it seems dangerous
BUYISIWE CHALA 4 måneder siden
My sister was like "we're all going to die!"
BUYISIWE CHALA 4 måneder siden
Who else laughed in and like crazy
BUYISIWE CHALA 4 måneder siden
Austin your my favorite, don't tell MatPat🙅
Ben Davis
Ben Davis 4 måneder siden
i'm gonna go study astrophysics and thermodynamics for a few years so i can name the meteor that kills us all, Sephiroth.
꧁ ʚ〖 ୭ Տᴀᴅɪǫᴜʀ Rᴀʜᴍᴀɴ ୭ 〗ɞ ꧂
꧁ ʚ〖 ୭ Տᴀᴅɪǫᴜʀ Rᴀʜᴍᴀɴ ୭ 〗ɞ ꧂ 4 måneder siden
"burj khalifa in Saudi Arabia" *UAE has left the chat*
Apollad2 4 måneder siden
You know, all these calculations are based on if Holy just failed to contain it and it fell from a near standstill... What if Holy had never been cast?
Colonel Striker 251
Colonel Striker 251 4 måneder siden
I want Austin to cover all calculations in GT MatPat is here talking about the general theory then Austin suddenly AAAAAAAA THIS IS (expletive) HARD BUT WE GOT THIS HUGE NUMBER WHICH HOLY (expletive) BIG
YOUTUBE POLICE 4 måneder siden
new canon? so does this mean the original game ISN'T CANON NOW?!!!
Feronar-Warsong US
Feronar-Warsong US 4 måneder siden
12:12 Burj Khalifa is in the United Arab Emirates, not Saudi Arabia.
Wahyu Setiawan
Wahyu Setiawan 5 måneder siden
in saudi arabia?
Christian 5 måneder siden
I'm not really sure the physics work out here. Two massive objects impacting each other at low relative speeds would likely release some kinetic energy as heat but a lot of the energy would be released over a significant amount of time and so much of it would be eaten up by deformation that it wouldn't be catastrophic except for the immediate surrounding area.
worse than you think
worse than you think 5 måneder siden
Couldn't you take one of the space shots and assuming it's the size of the earth using the curvature determine the size of the meteor and than estimate the mass using the same average or is there a lot more math stuff I'm not considering
worse than you think
worse than you think 5 måneder siden
He really just casually calls sepho-boi a twink huh
Connor Johnson
Connor Johnson 5 måneder siden
The Burj Khalifa is in the UAE not Saudi Arabia
Hero Syndicate
Hero Syndicate 5 måneder siden
what about the resistance from its huge surface area pushing through the air. its def not aerodynamic, something like that would probably cause massive weather phenomena
A.G.K. 5 måneder siden
4:50 he didn' have to correct himself... it is over 20x the speed of least
Warren Peace
Warren Peace 5 måneder siden
15:05 "Sephirock"?
Legendary Detective Wobbuffet
Legendary Detective Wobbuffet 5 måneder siden
I love how "rain of fish" is now an official unit of measurement.
Yo 5 måneder siden
this guy is so bad, please don´t let him do anymore videos...
Seth Xozen
Seth Xozen 5 måneder siden
I have watched video so many times and always rewind at sears tower bit
mattbonner12 5 måneder siden
Fun fact, I actually got to perform an arrangement of "Mars the Bringer of War" for a french horn choir. Also, luckily we have our big brother of a planet (Jupiter) to divert said dangerous meteors lol
Kung Olaf
Kung Olaf 5 måneder siden
6:43 Wait? I swear I read that Midgar was about 300 meters above surface from somewhere... And considering the scales of the Remake and certain scenes where Cloud's gang takes a look at the destroyed Sector 7 during daytime, I'd say 300 meters is much more closer to the truth. 11:59 Now I get it.
DoctorGames101 5 måneder siden
Where is Mat Pat? He is better off explaining these things, like he did years ago from another Final Fantasy video he made.
Kinra Jade
Kinra Jade 5 måneder siden
I don't know what an exajoule is but i don't want to know either. For my imagination sake.
Treshaun Billingslea-Houston
Treshaun Billingslea-Houston 5 måneder siden
dayana yazbek
dayana yazbek 5 måneder siden
If ya want something to theorize about that gives ya a totally unique feeling like Doki Doki Literature Club is YOU and ME and HER it has a lot to theorize about an you’ll love it I swear
RainbowDashX RainbowBlitz
RainbowDashX RainbowBlitz 5 måneder siden
Mat pat you need to finish your final theory on petscop it has 25 episodes now
The Codex
The Codex 6 måneder siden
How did you get AII that for pixels..some one please tell me
Ano N. Ymous
Ano N. Ymous 6 måneder siden
Honestly, the last bit of paranoia was totally unneccessary. Jupiter is already catching most space objects that want to go to the inner solar system.
VisZenOP 6 måneder siden
13:58 If I was born during that time, the ground would've exploded under me.
Alpha Oxide
Alpha Oxide 6 måneder siden
I love the ending.
KiJoo 6 måneder siden
The fish comparison is underrated, made me laugh
Lucky C4t
Lucky C4t 6 måneder siden
That's the math for if it was slowed to a stop 1300km above the planet, before being allowed to accelerate freely. What if it wasn't stopped in the first place?
perfectibility999 6 måneder siden
I will never call it the Willis Tower!
Klerberhowk The Solider
Klerberhowk The Solider 6 måneder siden
TheOct0 6 måneder siden
Can anybody help me find the music used at 3:36?
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