I'm losing control.
8 måneder siden
I'm building a BETTER Youtube.
Lord Omega
Lord Omega 8 timer siden
You know, I though he had dandruff on his hair, but I think it's snow
Jack Wonnacott
Jack Wonnacott 8 timer siden
The fan is the scariest animatronic
Mike Hurd
Mike Hurd 8 timer siden
He must didn’t play Left behind where Ellie and her best friend gotten bit together
leo allen
leo allen 8 timer siden
does he even realize that the angry sun is just a sun-shaped monster and not the actual sun?
Charmander Thebest
Charmander Thebest 8 timer siden
This reminds of that kurzgesagt video
DelusionalDreamer 8 timer siden
I would party. May as well enjoy the last few days I can.
Tristen X
Tristen X 8 timer siden
I’m honestly glad this isn’t clickbait and actually helpful
Redeyber 8 timer siden
I guess Austin ran out of ideas now hyur hur hur HUR HUR
Bianca Brooks
Bianca Brooks 8 timer siden
The world is over, we are so boned. Me: not yet I’m not. *googles the closest orgy*
Emmanuel Hernandes Oliveira
Emmanuel Hernandes Oliveira 8 timer siden
Me who's a brazilian male that had a stroke when isabelle was added: interesting tell me more
Eli Thompson
Eli Thompson 8 timer siden
What if this is all fake and the entire thing was to sneakily teach kids about statistics?
Super Mario Spongebob Guys
Super Mario Spongebob Guys 8 timer siden
Who is this guy and what did he do with MatPat!
Angelica Gallegos
Angelica Gallegos 8 timer siden
No 😢🔪 It can't be a dream my whole life would be ruined
Chocoboy 8 timer siden
Why is he talking about what happens if the sun disappears and not about the sun touching the earth and burning us all?
Mason Lange
Mason Lange 8 timer siden
Could golden Freddys jump scare sound be someone screaming
Bread 8 timer siden
If I get ten subs in the next 5 days I will make a stop motion of the top comment
WeirdGuy YT
WeirdGuy YT 8 timer siden
Who else wanted another cup head theory and went on this channel and randomly saw this 3 years ago
Forgotyou To
Forgotyou To 8 timer siden
Ok I think in disc 11 the player was somewhere where there’s stone and dungeons are small so I think it’s a stronghold and the Metal clicking is a flint and steel and I don’t know why the player is using that but it’s either for light or for a weapon so the dirt sound is the player escaping but then it sounds like a ender men chasing the player back to the surface i didn’t see the rest of the video so if Matt pat said this well now you know. I forgot about the paper I think it’s the player is finding a book or a enchanted book.
Chanida Kankanange
Chanida Kankanange 8 timer siden
the world is ending: breaking into a NOpostrs house and steal their ps5. just gotta know how those adaptive triggers feel before I die.
silk loop
silk loop 8 timer siden
my favorite thing is that he said "the last game" like oh god you wish it's 2021 and there's like millions of things coming out
Sara Passman
Sara Passman 8 timer siden
Is his answer for survival to launch into space?
Chocoboy 8 timer siden
I would try to dig as far down into the earth as possible.
jacanda2001 8 timer siden
Lol the final shark jump. That’s awesome!
Logibumz RBLX
Logibumz RBLX 8 timer siden
Plot twist: teachers started the theory that dream cheated to make the kids learn about statistics and probability
That Guy In A Godzilla Suit
That Guy In A Godzilla Suit 8 timer siden
Victor Gonzalez
Victor Gonzalez 8 timer siden
Nope out of here Austin
randomDisinformation 8 timer siden
I would spend the last few hours of my life wishing I could have see part 3 of the richest characters...
the mobile gamer
the mobile gamer 8 timer siden
I would simply hide under the earths soil and use oxygen tanks conservatively while trying so survive and find another food source before I run out
David Burnham
David Burnham 8 timer siden
I missed you senpai Austin I love your idea's
TheFilmFrontier 8 timer siden
jokes on him, mario 3 is a stage play, so thats a cardboard sun.
SPIDEY DaRealOne 8 timer siden
I was looking for part 2 unitl I realised this video was released 6 hours ago.... Can you make it today??
G Hawke
G Hawke 8 timer siden
Here a theory for you, what if the killer sun from Super Mario Bros.3 is actually SCP-001 When Day Breaks! Also HEY AUSTIN'S BACK!!!
That Guy In A Godzilla Suit
That Guy In A Godzilla Suit 8 timer siden
Star Rod bro, Star Rod!
NitroZoron Studio
NitroZoron Studio 8 timer siden
When you realise you built a literal virtual computer
Jedric Cabalbag
Jedric Cabalbag 8 timer siden
Hope your gonna have a good time but don't get to carried away about proofing he's fake ok
Donna Coward
Donna Coward 8 timer siden
Mistake Central
Mistake Central 8 timer siden
42,420th like, epic
Litheon 8 timer siden
This is a great video- it's awesome that Game Theory is trying to use their platform to promote factual information and listening to educated professionals. ^u^ This video deserves more views- imma share it
Rowan McIntyre
Rowan McIntyre 8 timer siden
The start of an era
bean482 gaming
bean482 gaming 8 timer siden
TheRealPyroGaming 8 timer siden
Iamgine 3 years later getting oofed because Sansvich
Edward Espinoza
Edward Espinoza 8 timer siden
For you, the sun in a terror. For me, it's the giant piranha that eats you. I feared bodies of water all my life thanks to that monstrosity.
Sparklestorm123 8 timer siden
Stop dissing on my boi Mario alright? He’s been through a lot on this channel.
GhostfaceGirl180 8 timer siden
If the world was about to end I would tell everyone I know exactly how I feel about them; make sure my loved ones know how much I love them, and finally say all the things that I'm too afraid of the consequences to say. Then I would get comfortable, take a whole bottle of Ambien, and die in my sleep instead of waiting to freeze to death. I would also make sure my cats get a painless death so they don't have to suffer, but I'm not going to get into that because having to send more cats over the rainbow bridge is more painful to think about than my own death.
Teshay Walker
Teshay Walker 8 timer siden
3 sure fire signs you know the apocalypse is coming: 1. MatPat gets stumped 2. Scott gives a direct answer 3. Purple guy memes stop being made We’re lucky only one of these things happened
JOHNonymous 8 timer siden
As dark as this sounds. If I KNEW the world was gonna end. I would kill myself. Go out on my own terms
fa jnek
fa jnek 8 timer siden
Tirisaan Neminathan
Tirisaan Neminathan 8 timer siden
I would spend my last days playing fortnite
Fraser Chapman
Fraser Chapman 8 timer siden
What an utterly disingenuous fudge. He obviously cheated - it isn't even debatable.
PEYTON HOHENWALD 8 timer siden
Part 3
Jessie Skunsa
Jessie Skunsa 8 timer siden
u know what I would do if the sun was gone I kill everyone an we´re going to die any way if that happened
stealer knob
stealer knob 8 timer siden
Yes he did cheat His response got debunked 5 hours after it came out
Marlon Zarate
Marlon Zarate 8 timer siden
I would eat as much as I can
A Little Timmy Appeared
A Little Timmy Appeared 8 timer siden
The crazy luck of earth landing perfectly in orbit of a different star. My guess of next episode.
John Miller
John Miller 8 timer siden
I would spend my last days telling my crush that I like her, vibing with the bois, and doing crazy stuff that I've always wanted to do because I'm gonna die anyway (Unless I see the next part when it comes out) :)
Gary ketchup
Gary ketchup 8 timer siden
we could become mole people! live underground!
mp5k 8 timer siden
increasing global warming
Anxious Selkie
Anxious Selkie 8 timer siden
We must dig
The Real Cool Gamer YT
The Real Cool Gamer YT 8 timer siden
Aksel Hansen
Aksel Hansen 8 timer siden
Best excuse to never do anything about climate change... We are simply preparing for the day the sun disappears or earth leaves its orbit We are just creating a nice and cozy blanket of CO2 to keep us warm #Preping
DocMagma 8 timer siden
I would spend the rest of my days on earth putting people out of their mesry frist will be the president get all the lonch codes and boom hong Kong then kill anyone I see get grades and blow everything I can so ya kill anyone in sight #armagiton
Peyton McJunkin
Peyton McJunkin 8 timer siden
the only option i can think of for survival in this situation is not set Jupitor on fire (which is possible because Jupitor almost became a sun, it just needs a spark to statrt it)
Blue evolution kai o ken
Blue evolution kai o ken 8 timer siden
Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access
Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access 8 timer siden
The fact that the mushroom kingdom isn't earth.
Atomn 8 timer siden
*mom pick me up*
First Last
First Last 8 timer siden
Is Austin... ok?
Hariyo Bimo Ranuwicaksono
Hariyo Bimo Ranuwicaksono 8 timer siden
7:04 Why is that so creepy Why does cats sometimes are creepy and not... ya know Like imagine you walking at 3 AM and you see glowing eyes like THAT IS CREEPY
Anthony Martinez
Anthony Martinez 8 timer siden
Not educational at all
The Lets Play-ers
The Lets Play-ers 8 timer siden
After playing frostpunk, -120c feels like nothing
스티븐스아름 8 timer siden
I'd be in my 12 blankets with my cat cuddling while I sit in my car, maybe if I heat it up I can live a bit longer lol
Jurfo 8 timer siden
Austin I think you ran out of ideas hur Hur HUr HUR
TheFoxLord 8 timer siden
guys who do you think the richest game chraracter is?
ChillQuillz 8 timer siden
Hey everyone meet my friend matpat part 2
Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access
Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access 8 timer siden
"AND NOTHING CAN STOP ME, _AHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!"_ THERE'S the self-confidence you need.
The-Random- Phan
The-Random- Phan 8 timer siden
0:00 "Today we solve Fnaf" Me: ~laughs in seeing 30+ fnaf theory videos after this one~
Teresa Ashby
Teresa Ashby 8 timer siden
So if you think about it he really did jump the shark or sharks
Interferr 8 timer siden
Me: makes a game Austin: *Plays* me: deletes game after
Lawrence Zhang
Lawrence Zhang 8 timer siden
when the sun goes out we'll be fine because of global warming. if everyone spams airosol for eight minutes we'll last a whilte
Wiley Midura
Wiley Midura 8 timer siden
I've said it before and I'll say it again, I don't care that he faked his runs, they are just genuinely entertaining to watch
Ranch Dressing
Ranch Dressing 8 timer siden
but what about trapped chests shulker boxes ender chests barrels and chest donkeys