I'm losing control.
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I'm building a BETTER Youtube.
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I tried voting for you in Mr.beast live stream
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Wait wdym baby been voted off the tribe I'm so confused. I NEED ANSWERS
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Terena Rosa 22 timer siden
Are you really allowed to sell that merch?
Tom Axelsson
Tom Axelsson 22 timer siden
Stop milking man.
Random Ravenclaw the first
Random Ravenclaw the first 22 timer siden
I am calling it know it will be Mario they have a lot of merchandise
Glitch Cube
Glitch Cube 22 timer siden
Warren Armstrong
Warren Armstrong 22 timer siden
There's also an adapter for attaching oil filters onto gun barrels and those things can get pretty big. They also do a decent job in reducing noise a noticeable amount.
Arsenic 75
Arsenic 75 22 timer siden
If they ate netherwart doesn't that mean they consumed souls from soul sands too? That'll explain their human shape too
Khaerul Adzany
Khaerul Adzany 22 timer siden
herobrine u dint scare me ;-;
BurninAces 22 timer siden
Everyone! Call Mr. Beast! Get this man on the stream!
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dabi mha
dabi mha 22 timer siden
This brings back so many memories
Chrisean McInnis
Chrisean McInnis 22 timer siden
You ok there Austin? That tide pod has me worried.
Big Noob 500
Big Noob 500 22 timer siden
I have one question I just thought of: If there was no air resistance, would objects accelerate infinitley? My physics teacher couldn't explain that one lol!
raketheleaveskid 22 timer siden
Matpat literally had to search every single piece of information ever to complete the lore yet it’s still incomprehensible
mr_nickkk 22 timer siden
Freddy in Space 3 anyone?
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Hot Wings. Not like anyone will see this but hey.
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libitina died for this
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wait till matpat hears about 2020
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Chris (the crying child) was 7 when the bite happend
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If i was their i would buy paypal giftcards
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so excited for this!!!!
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Ragamalika 2020
Ragamalika 2020 22 timer siden
Don't know if you would read this but Have you noticed how in most of the stories the fathers of the protagonists are either not mentioned or left their family.................................... Am I starting to notice a pattern here 😕
Salvador Zúñiga
Salvador Zúñiga 22 timer siden
K dropping the line The yes line
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He’s just built different
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Bruh keep milking this
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mello marsh
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I watched a bunch of videos just to come to the most recent one to say this man can be a dective and always find the culprit
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There is another Henry stickman reference in garbage the second part their is a teleported.
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I'd just buy a $100k prepaid visa card
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Guys we have to be thankful imagine we didn’t have MatPat
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as a muslim that makes so much sense
Zenolegor 22 timer siden
See this is a great theory and all, but hold on. Average male height is 5'6?
juicyRBLX -_-
juicyRBLX -_- 22 timer siden
Sooo why aren’t we talking about the mini crewmate... how did that get there
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Um blue just vented
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But hey…that’s just HOT SUPER HOT
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Pewdipie is accutuly still the most subbed channel because t series is not a channel it is a company of music in india
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Mat:aliens will come to earth AND SPREAD IT Me who just saw the international space station lights:…
Monster _ Lock
Monster _ Lock 22 timer siden
If MatPat told me that Freddy Fazbear is actually Sailor Moon, I would believe him without a second thought…
Andrey Menumerov
Andrey Menumerov 22 timer siden
In russian "Gad" means asshole, like a bad person.
Chloee Catherine Maki
Chloee Catherine Maki 22 timer siden
I'm curious - Did you guys play this on GtLive ? If Not I would love to see you play through :O
The Odd Sock
The Odd Sock 22 timer siden
Among Us theory: the crew members are so small because they're children. Earth has been completely taken over by the impostors and MIRA are rescuing the smartest and most capable children from earth where at MIRA HQ they're researching different planets, trying to find a place with sustainable life to restart the human population. This could also be why the tasks are very simple and easy to complete and why the space suits can be bright colours or why the hats are funny and odd or why some of the crew members have pets.
otamatone gaming
otamatone gaming 22 timer siden
I love henry stickmin plz do a theory
IAMAZNGI 22 timer siden
Stephanie is so loud she make's it sound like they are using an xbox 360 mic. it's so funny thank you steph.
Vanessa Walsh
Vanessa Walsh 22 timer siden
Henry Stickmin theory when?
Akeo Duffy
Akeo Duffy 22 timer siden
Make a lore about the gasht there like flyin g monsters
Bassil Elteibi
Bassil Elteibi 22 timer siden
Did you get your money back from last year just watched the other video
Lorik Vela
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what i the only one that thought that this was a FNAF theory just from the title
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Bassil Elteibi
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Have you got your money back yet
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DEF Mistwalker Eevee Nation Gaming! 22 timer siden
Dude I have the same lamp as Miguel in my room, lol we also live in the same city 🌃 👀 😎
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ThatOneEasilyOffendedBoi 123 22 timer siden
They should change the GTLive profile to Fever Fighter when they do the fundraising for Saint Jude
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Chicken Ya cow 22 timer siden
Bruh if the astronauts are in suits then how they die instantly when in space
marcinor5 22 timer siden
Do the StickMan!
Medo Parvez Gaming
Medo Parvez Gaming 22 timer siden
matpat minecraft earth is a cube i askd mojang and they told me it does not move the sky does not move and the earth is a cube
Haven Leaf
Haven Leaf 22 timer siden
Ahhh congrats you wonderful people! I really hope you both know that the work you do is amazing, and seeing the work you do to help the world helps me to believe that maybe if I work hard I can also make an impact on making the world better. Love you both!
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also can't wait until the stream. I wish I could help out in some way but at least I'll be watching :)
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Perfect can't wait to donate
Kenny McCormick
Kenny McCormick 22 timer siden
Hey matpat a theroy what if the morty rick left behind in the intro is acutely evil morty
Brahmastyo Ray Suryono
Brahmastyo Ray Suryono 22 timer siden
Hey game thery to a brawl star about starr park
Outside The Box
Outside The Box 22 timer siden
Mat thinks about the most random things
Logan McCall
Logan McCall 22 timer siden
It is TRUE the crew never wins
Terena Rosa
Terena Rosa 22 timer siden
The average female height is 5’4”. A simple google search could have prevented you from making this mistake. And the average male height is 5’9”. 🙄
GodZ 22 timer siden
Matpat , teaching kids how to make zombies and other dangers since 2011 .
Lightning strike Gaming
Lightning strike Gaming 22 timer siden
I bet the lightsaber because in real world lightsaber{protosaber} is actually made with heat of 4000 degree celsias and it retractable made with plasma I also have his lightsaber in rl P. S check hacksmith to see am not lieing
Misel firdaus
Misel firdaus 22 timer siden
Plot twist: the box is empty....
x_nxq official
x_nxq official 22 timer siden
im pretty sure the parasite came from a test on polus, here’s why. (this is not my theory, i’ve heard it and believed it was a very good theory.) so, on polus, go to the specimen room. you’ll see these tubes that have what appears to be a parasitic being. then go up to medbay. you’ll see broken glass. this would be the parasite breaking out of the tube, and then wrecking everything as you can see in the medbays restroom. it then takes the underground shaft and ends up outside. it sees the snowmen crewmates and makes friends with them. he only starts killing, though, because of the dead body snowmen. the crewmates only report things because of the posters, “see something, say something”. and there. this is not my theory, please take that into consideration as i am not out right stealing this. i do not remember who came up with this theory.
harris pacala
harris pacala 22 timer siden
Nice video no ads support
hope Burrows
hope Burrows 22 timer siden
Mat pat thay added a new music disc to minecraft and it sounds weird
Michael Stephen Vargas
Michael Stephen Vargas 22 timer siden
Wait if the pigs eat the mushroom to become piglins how does lighting turn pigs into the zombie pigs
Daniel Yepes
Daniel Yepes 23 timer siden
Me, reading the title "what is in the box": oh yeah, another FNAF theory probably. Me, at the end of the video: this is more powerful and awesome that any FNAF theory 😍
Jay Um
Jay Um 23 timer siden
There’s a way to win among us
דן לבנסוורד
דן לבנסוורד 23 timer siden
1700 he dose not like the smaller number
Eleanor Levitt
Eleanor Levitt 23 timer siden
this is soooo heart warming this has made my day just seeing raw emotion from some one we just see getting pissed of with Chris when he drops a new game it’s truly amazing keep up the heard work
OlY Bowen
OlY Bowen 23 timer siden
Mat be milking rn
Skellingtron 23 timer siden
i didnt know that mira hq and polus were dlc, i guess the ads on moble is worth more than not having to pay for the game
Mr. Meatballs
Mr. Meatballs 23 timer siden
I remember coming home from school to this vid being brand new. It’s 5 years old now. I refuse to accept it
gerleig 23 timer siden
Yeah, but the impostors can also win by sabotage
Danny 23 timer siden
I wanted to cry because its do wholesome, but I really couldn't cry ahah. However, what the game theorists community did was really amazing, and seeing mat and Steph getting a little award was a recognition of their hardwork over the years.