I'm losing control.
7 måneder siden
I'm building a BETTER Youtube.
Ahnaf Mustaqeem
Ahnaf Mustaqeem 21 time siden
U can get zombies to spawn in the nether if u r at hard difficulty & u kill enough zombie pigmaen
It’s Wafifa Gaming
It’s Wafifa Gaming 21 time siden
1 million views and it hasn’t even started...
Charles Hilbert
Charles Hilbert 21 time siden
You are the best GAME THEORISTS
•Akira •
•Akira • 21 time siden
you do have a good theory about the zombie but what if zombie where made by witch because if would make sense why they carry splash potion of healing(I think they carry that around don't remeber) and splash potion of posion to either heal their "creation" or destroy there creation maybe it the witch experiment or maybe the player/village fail experiment hMmm can you do a theory for Minecraft witches please :D
Uri Kelman
Uri Kelman 21 time siden
The 4th channel: Book Theory ?!?
Jimmie Shepherd
Jimmie Shepherd 21 time siden
Let's go
Sipherion Gaming
Sipherion Gaming 21 time siden
Every single video on this channel is just a setup fro an r/wooosh
GameNinjaC 21 time siden
uhhhhh matpat i think the big ol memorial to a hollow knight that isnt you that is in the dead center of the map that gives you your main quest should tell you youre not playing as the hollow knight
Lengend Lion
Lengend Lion 21 time siden
why does time have to be so mean to us living in different places and that will make me feel like i was left behind (anyone remembered the song) jokes aside i want to attend and nothing will stop me
איה מסיקה
איה מסיקה 21 time siden
if there is really a virus so maybe the ancient builders went to the end to find a cure (chorus) but they didn't know that the cure has a side effect. so they transformed to the enderman . can u plz check my theory and do a video about it?
Windows Security Non-Expert 2020
Windows Security Non-Expert 2020 21 time siden
Imagine Matpad's face when he discovered that the victim is the one in the bite of 83 not 87.
K Savicka
K Savicka 21 time siden
Hey you forgot the fact that they are still zombie piglins in the never
Ishaan Hodge
Ishaan Hodge 21 time siden
My deepest condolences Mat. Hope you're doing well.
DAud i. c. i.
DAud i. c. i. 21 time siden
4:24 Doesn't have to be a bug. Of course any mob can wander through the nether portal so if in multiplayer both sides of the portal are loaded by nearby players then a zombie can wander in and then wander about the nether until the player in the nether stumbles into it. Of course it's very unlikely but these reports are also rare.
Quick Gamer
Quick Gamer 21 time siden
I am a kid
Queen Diaz
Queen Diaz 21 time siden
nice theory love it
Destructor Gamer
Destructor Gamer 21 time siden
That intro... Os truth
Guilherme Agostini
Guilherme Agostini 21 time siden
You ever feel like beating someone yes
Piriathy 21 time siden
I rather enjoyed the “translating contemporary jargon” bit at the beginning 😂
Ashley Gossett
Ashley Gossett 21 time siden
Me: *works all Monday night and gets off 7 a.m. Tuesday, and then has to go right back to work Tuesday night*..... Also me: *prepares lots of coffee and energy drinks* I'll be there for the long haul folks!
teletubby queen
teletubby queen 22 timer siden
Tek X
Tek X 22 timer siden
This is a stretch
Amazing Games
Amazing Games 22 timer siden
Guys, what if Scott Cawthon joins the livestream?
Jeremy Sager
Jeremy Sager 22 timer siden
I wish i could meet you all before i die
22 timer siden
*Haha Mario goes brrrrrr* After a second that egg nogt goes brummmnnnm 0:22 my favourite part of every episode in this channel
TurtleYeetNadeMaster 22 timer siden
It’s today finnaly! I’m going to buy a shirt this will be so epic!
Amaré 22 timer siden
WhT if fnaf 4 wasn’t a nightmare?maybe that was will trying to stop his son from going to the restaurant.after all, he knows he saw the murder.And since it’s Afton who made them, the sound illusion discs explain th brain(I think it was nightmares), the blood, just about everything
teletubby queen
teletubby queen 22 timer siden
They should make it so that when you die by a zombie, a new zombie spawns where you died.
Leep Tober
Leep Tober 22 timer siden
14:23 Matt possibly its a loop where the newer people kill the ones that have turned into endermen and they harnessed the ender pearls.
Karl Vhiel Hernandez
Karl Vhiel Hernandez 22 timer siden
Isnt that Ennard?
• Blxe Hope •
• Blxe Hope • 22 timer siden
just watching this made my iq go higher
Leep Tober
Leep Tober 22 timer siden
Kinda explains disc 11 and disc 13... Maybe those discs were based off of the fact that the previous men now endermen were running to the stronghold.. Doesnt explain the mining noises tho.. it can be them mining down but still no.... This theory is incomplete reply to me what you guys think