Game Theory: FNAF, The New Breed
Shane Luke
Shane Luke 16 timer siden
I saw the mass effect 3 theory in all those theory’s u have to finish it
Shane Luke
Shane Luke 16 timer siden
I saw the mass effect 3 theory in all those theory’s u have to finish it
Yeonki Min
Yeonki Min 16 timer siden
MatPat cringed so hard at his first video's title that he changed it.
Zeianaire Diamond
Zeianaire Diamond 16 timer siden
I’m so proud of ya Mat, years strong.
Kaleb Butler
Kaleb Butler 16 timer siden
I've been watching since 2l and I'm really happy how far does channels come 😄😄😁
Arthur :D
Arthur :D 16 timer siden
0:16 900k people: *hold my game theory hoodie*
Malachi Tinley
Malachi Tinley 16 timer siden
This is a bit off topic but, did anyone else notice how the film theory intro is becoming less and less frequent?
Dragon Master 505
Dragon Master 505 16 timer siden
This was amazing Matpat- so cool to see just how much this channel has grown over the years!
Pineapple_くま!! 16 timer siden
Bolting Bolting
Bolting Bolting 16 timer siden
Congratulations matpat I’ve been watching you for about 8 years and to this day your show is still one of my favorite.
Jolly Jester
Jolly Jester 16 timer siden
Part of me misses those old days and the beloved Recording Closet filled with Diet Coke cans...
Evan Tran99
Evan Tran99 16 timer siden
I have clicked on it
Avocado AP
Avocado AP 16 timer siden
10 year anniversary!!!!
Guesthatgaming 16 timer siden
5:29 Stupendium this you?
Nuno Dias
Nuno Dias 16 timer siden
I'm 21 now and I've been watching Game Theory for more than 7 years. It's amazing to see how much I grew up throughout the years as this channel has. I remember watching GT's videos the day they came out, from the old Mario 2013 theories, to FNAF, to watching the birth of GT Live and staying up for countless hours (Im from Portugal so watching it live meant I had to stay up at night). Listening to the classic intro at the end of this video made me tear up. I really forget how much Matpat, Stephanie, Ronnie, Gaijin Goomba, Ryder and the rest of the crew have impacted my life. Thank you all so much <3
Ryan 16 timer siden
god its so much worse still. Not the editing or your script but just the things u used in your older vids like segments. Those features make me cringe and really realize how far u have com. Good job patmat
Caleb Hernandez
Caleb Hernandez 16 timer siden
The date you put on your first vid is my b day.
Dratini 16 timer siden
The only thing I miss about the old Game Theory is the original intro music. 8-bit greatness.
P_xl 16 timer siden
christina yeager
christina yeager 16 timer siden
You could have called yourself MatPast or PastPat for the title
hahaha minecraft is the best
hahaha minecraft is the best 16 timer siden
uhhhhhh Satanism
SuperNova999 16 timer siden
where is the panicking austin? I was expecting meniacle screaming and panicing
Amy B
Amy B 16 timer siden
Patryn Hunt
Patryn Hunt 16 timer siden
matpatt when i was 1 game theroy started
Grayson Smetana
Grayson Smetana 16 timer siden
ahh akira toriyama's work is so nostalgic.
Skyber 16 timer siden
This is an amazing thing so *noice*
a c
a c 16 timer siden
I could just imagine in my head matpat watching this 10 years in the past and going "wtf"
levi dozzi
levi dozzi 16 timer siden
that is my birthday lol
Millie Raven
Millie Raven 16 timer siden
7:50 when you buy Mr Beast off wishlist
Galaxy Yeet
Galaxy Yeet 16 timer siden
Thanks for shaking hands with my mouse curser, it liked it so much my curser ran away to Japan and back.
Catgurlz2YT 16 timer siden
Baby sounds a lot like vanny. Maybe this is because afton isn’t controlling vanny. Maybe since baby had control over afton when he infected vanny she was the one controlling vanny. When baby was the main character(sister location) she also had the reluctant follower mask on. Now yes it was a fake facade but it would explain a lot about the way vanny is acting. One of the security breach trailers has vanny trying to convince Gregory that she isn’t hostile and that is was a glitch. She could have dropped the I wanna help you facade because she felt like she lured Gregory close enough to her to go for the kill but it didn’t go as planned. That trailer makes me think vanny is using the same tactic baby did in sister location. On top of that let’s say you get the sister location ending where ennard follows you home. Baby wanted to use your skin to escape but didn’t get to so she could be using vanny to solve a vendetta against you. If you think about it William would have no reason to use vanny for more evil. William died to to the ghost children scaring him into the spring trap suit. It was no ones fault but his. He has no reason to continue his wrath especially on the form of a virus. That guy is old as dirt if anything he’s probably tired of killing kids 😂Then again this is just a theory 💁‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️
Um 16 timer siden
Atlas 16 timer siden
If he only know that call of duty zombies has alot of lore the black ops series
the melon person
the melon person 16 timer siden
5:35 And I think my mum is going fast at 100kmph
Ryderboycolor9 16 timer siden
It only took 10 years
HoneyBadgerG&L 16 timer siden
Is it just me what but does his audio sound the same as matpat not gone out carpet yet?
Darryl Riman
Darryl Riman 16 timer siden
Who's here after the 10 year anniversary?
Liam Eckhardt
Liam Eckhardt 16 timer siden
I typed in the link, it didn't work and just to make sure he didn't put up a random link i went back to the old video but it was the same link though.
Averi Coppa
Averi Coppa 16 timer siden
I liked the insight to the writing back then versus now!
Sam 16 timer siden
Did that Chipotle theory ever get made?
Hamish Ross
Hamish Ross 16 timer siden
Isabella Beck
Isabella Beck 16 timer siden
I've never been here this early. Hello early people, I hope you have an amazing day/night/afternoon! Drink your water❤️
J Seed
J Seed 16 timer siden
10 years?! *matt Damon meme*
ItsMe YT
ItsMe YT 16 timer siden
Can you do a game theory on "EvansRemains",its an android game that circles around a girl searching for a guy named Evan on a mysterious island.It has a very complex story that i do not understand.
Kyle Szafranski
Kyle Szafranski 16 timer siden
Do this again
Maxon Herbold
Maxon Herbold 16 timer siden
I almost left when I saw final thoughts. Then he said that that's what happened when he used to do it I just laughed.
Cindy 16 timer siden
Number one I’m surprised that that microphone then break back then number two and that’s it
1234567 123455
1234567 123455 16 timer siden
15:06 Inspiration for Springtrap's line "I always comeback"?????
Enubatan 16 timer siden
Old thumbnails were the best thumbnails. Old Game Theory was better
MythicalTulip 16 timer siden
does anyone have an actual link to that video because i cant find it
Angelicwings1 16 timer siden
This is awesome! Great idea!
Apsey ._.
Apsey ._. 16 timer siden
What’s funny is those same singing robots gained him at least 1 million subs
Gwen 16 timer siden
Diego Lugo
Diego Lugo 16 timer siden
Man, I can't believe I've follow this channel for ~10 years. The first one I watched was the "Who killed Aerith?" one, and I was living with my parents in Venezuela. Since then, Venezuela became a tyranny and one of the worst countries in the world; Skrillex went from world wide phenomenon to a; Microsoft ended the extended support for 3 generations of OS; The Fast and Furious franchise released 4 movies and the CoD franchise released 11 games! And here I am in Argentina, living good and stable in BsAs after starting from scratch, watching today's MatPat revisit a video from a MatPat I didn't find cringy Gracias Mat, eres Legendario.
sir knight62
sir knight62 16 timer siden here's the link he shows
Mac Wade
Mac Wade 16 timer siden
Happy 10 year anniversary Matpat!
J Hing
J Hing 16 timer siden
The detive for the games
Seth bunn
Seth bunn 16 timer siden
Happy anniversary!!!!!!!! Mat pat
Mayra Mejias
Mayra Mejias 16 timer siden
Wren Jameston
Wren Jameston 16 timer siden
Dear God I can remember watching this when I was a kid and not understanding a single bit of it. This channel got absolutely huge and it has been amazing to watch it grow. I still don't understand and more than a surface level but still enjoyable
toptooner 16 timer siden
Salute the game theroist for making it this far
New Challenger
New Challenger 16 timer siden
But where is my super amazing end card tournament
Ethan De Hoyos
Ethan De Hoyos 16 timer siden
I can't believe we've watched ten years of game theory!
Devon McDaniel
Devon McDaniel 16 timer siden
You probably got a ton of comments about this, already, but I think the pronunciation of Epoch is (Ay-Pock), not Epic
Ian Wagner
Ian Wagner 16 timer siden
Matpat: not that many people are clicking on The video: Number two on trending
It'sSpirit 16 timer siden
Birthday's on the 15th
Nae Nae Gaming
Nae Nae Gaming 16 timer siden
Hamish Ross
Hamish Ross 16 timer siden
Nicholas Hvidsten
Nicholas Hvidsten 16 timer siden
I think he should’ve played the original intro instead of the modern one
Marcell Cropper
Marcell Cropper 16 timer siden
I still remember my first comment on a game theory video 8 years ago was asking Mat to explain how the eve and plasmids in bioshock work and the real world possibility of gene altering 😂 Happy 10 years everyone 🥳❤
Jadon Trebes
Jadon Trebes 16 timer siden
Merry anniversary my guy!
Jacob's dojo
Jacob's dojo 16 timer siden
I see all your videos ever since the first. Game theory, film theory, and food theory are all the best I am so happy that its game theory 10th anniversary
ipadguavas 16 timer siden
I think that the Merriam Webster Dictionary is going to change the definition of Nostalgia to this youtube link
The Freak Show
The Freak Show 16 timer siden
Day 30 of waiting for my peepachu plush to arrive order still says unfulfilled
Zoe Sella
Zoe Sella 16 timer siden
Game theory started when I was in 1st does that make you guys feel
Drake Baker
Drake Baker 16 timer siden
was it intentional that I got one of those baity ads during this video?
Rainer Cristobal
Rainer Cristobal 16 timer siden
You should remaster the first FnaF episode
Andrew Pyle
Andrew Pyle 16 timer siden
Mat pat I have a theory for you I think that Skyrim and the fallout games are connected personally I think that Skyrim actually comes after fallout