Game Theory: FNAF, The New Breed
KingYote Gaming
KingYote Gaming 18 timer siden
I have loved Kirby since I was a kid and will for my whole life.
Damienn Kirby Frago
Damienn Kirby Frago 18 timer siden
UI Shaggy: Finally! a worthy opponent!
Shannon Lance
Shannon Lance 18 timer siden
Stupig no tricks just laughing
MrAce 18 timer siden
shlatts the most important endorsant ? are we forgetting Vikkstar?
mijuo roui
mijuo roui 18 timer siden
Matpat: “Your shiny Pokémon are doomed to die!” Me who has loads of revives: “So?”
The The
The The 18 timer siden
I'm ok with other peoples opinions... But saying cuphead is better than breath of the wild is just WRONG.
//LostProxy Nevermore/ /
//LostProxy Nevermore/ / 18 timer siden
Like he said y’all, even if he DID miss some things, the number is so unquantifiable and massive that it wouldn’t matter
Minerva Gutierrez
Minerva Gutierrez 18 timer siden
Nice moana reference
Gilo Aguilar
Gilo Aguilar 18 timer siden
The new fnaf book is out
Gianni De Hostos
Gianni De Hostos 19 timer siden
It's called five nights at Freddy's security breach
Gianni De Hostos
Gianni De Hostos 19 timer siden
They just made a new five nights at Freddy's for the PlayStation 5
KingYote Gaming
KingYote Gaming 19 timer siden
And then came Star allies.
Gilo Aguilar
Gilo Aguilar 19 timer siden
The new fnaf book is out
Ned Shapiro
Ned Shapiro 19 timer siden
New mortal kombat movie coming out
Citruss Pink
Citruss Pink 19 timer siden
sometimes i wonder if scott isnt making lore and is just throwing random stuff into his franchise and seeing if matpat can create a coherent story/keep his sanity.
Pietro Mikhail
Pietro Mikhail 19 timer siden
No your just trying to make useless conceptions
Arthur 19 timer siden
New Half life Gman episode pls. :)
Thikmonkey Plays
Thikmonkey Plays 19 timer siden
just for the fact the girard said SOLI AIR makes his entire argument invalid
Joan Murray
Joan Murray 19 timer siden
how bout' novel theory
PCWD vlogs and gaming
PCWD vlogs and gaming 19 timer siden
Hey Mat, random thing here but have u noticed that when you die from molten Freddy in ultimate custom night, he has the same voice as the Bonnie puppet on fun time Freddy’s hand? Probably nothing interesting but 👍
Normal person
Normal person 19 timer siden
Everybody gangsta until MatPat made the video
Logan McNeill
Logan McNeill 19 timer siden
When I first played fnaf 4 with my mom I chose to give the crying child a name and guess what that name was.........EVAN! Hahaha I beat you reddit users and matpat I beat you 2 years before you! jk it was just I thought he looked like an evan
Fares Khaled
Fares Khaled 19 timer siden
the minecraft have three bosses in minecraft 1.17 one in the end , in the nether and in the overworld the waden,wither boss and ender dragon :)
Reuben Handel
Reuben Handel 19 timer siden
So Fauci is tacking on another 15 days?
Axel771 19 timer siden
"The purple guy, is the phone guy!" Oh, Matpad, you sweet summer child. So naive, we all were to be honest. Never change, cinnamon roll. Never change.
DiamondHelmet909 19 timer siden
what is it this time matpat
Maja Sillanpää
Maja Sillanpää 19 timer siden
I mean doesn't the books say that Charlotte had a twin brother? So.. if they look alike she might've been the one getting bitten but her brother being the one going to her room and finding it empty and such.. They just look the same at such young age because they're twins?
Eliisabet Kaljusaar
Eliisabet Kaljusaar 19 timer siden
Is int herobrine the creatitor of them and herobrine killed everyone so herobine glitcht the soules in the creatores.
your FBI agent
your FBI agent 19 timer siden
wonder if like in the Pokémon universe, what would be the difference if you got payed like the elite four or what not? like, I kinda want a weekly check after I put on a show for the whole galar region every other day
Russell Morgan
Russell Morgan 19 timer siden
6:37 Mario: Mamma Mia!
Jesus H Christ
Jesus H Christ 19 timer siden
You disgust me British cuisine is marvellous
DDLC MC 19 timer siden
Wait so if the builders are just like players why couldn’t they just respawn in their beds? Why don’t their bodies disintegrate into smoke when they die? Why would they bury their dead in hell??? Couldn’t they transport dead people back to their families in the overworld?
MJ Howl
MJ Howl 19 timer siden
Jelena Visic
Jelena Visic 19 timer siden
0:33 I like how text just crashed
Icelord Gaming
Icelord Gaming 19 timer siden
When are u gonna make a video on the new trailer for fnaf
APN8000 19 timer siden
Me a nuzlocker: Yep that checks out.
SpringTrap Tv_2
SpringTrap Tv_2 19 timer siden
You should make the music theorist
Ee Chuen Lai
Ee Chuen Lai 19 timer siden
That will freak me out not even show me that
Repeal 230
Repeal 230 19 timer siden
The REAL uncensored interview of Dr. Fauci - whatever he says here he'll reverse in two months.
Popems 1
Popems 1 19 timer siden
0:04 I took that one personally
Jeanne Marie Bizeau
Jeanne Marie Bizeau 19 timer siden
Fauci is a pathological Liar. He wouldn't know the truth if it hit him in the head. Most times I've heard him talk he's very very indecisive & evasive. I always have the feeling he's got something he's hiding👽... He's the crypt keeper for the WHO.. WHO are devil worshipers, Rapists and killers of small children... Who do I speak of? The WHO of course...❤🙏🏼🙏🏼 🦅🕊
Out_ Rider
Out_ Rider 19 timer siden
guy: hallucinates on 3rd day of sleep deprevation late night gamers: Pathetic
Joe Mackenzie
Joe Mackenzie 19 timer siden
Electric types are.awesome man.
LegendYT 19 timer siden
THEORY: I think the souls are the builders that have been building mine shafts but the new block would latch the little th9ngs on them then grab them with it they fell and got consumed at this point the had already created the bones 2 other people passed and the warden had made its form as the builders always want to kill the ender dragon but the warden had a different idea the warden would look for the stronghold and was stuck in the lower section of earth not wanting the creature to be slain so if it heard a sound it thought the player was going to kill them then rush to kill them
magnolia 19 timer siden
so albino people are shiny human beings
Tony Toons
Tony Toons 19 timer siden
Ok, at the new trailer of security breach, the end shows us a nightmare like animatronics and we think that vanny is bringing spring trap back, Wht if the stitch rath has willioms agony and he is trying to put the rest of him back
Path_Nova 19 timer siden
Keep up good work matpat
JunoJuno Gamer
JunoJuno Gamer 19 timer siden
Minecraft flat
SnappyCroc 19 timer siden
Wait a minute. Does this mean that the wither skeleton I killed yesterday was my grandad?
Nixodian 2002
Nixodian 2002 19 timer siden
Waiting to drop the new fnaf theory after the security breach trailet came out
John AlSidawi
John AlSidawi 19 timer siden
i once spawned next to a woodland mansion no joke
Omar Polanco
Omar Polanco 19 timer siden
I got a little theory for near the ending of the video She tells you that to destroy or get rid of glitch Bonnie you have to collect all the tapes right? But in the first tapes she tells you not to do that. Welp i think it isnt her and thats its glitch bonnie manipulating the tapes to bring him into the real world
Mz Hush
Mz Hush 19 timer siden
The Pokemon are too shiny
LegendYT 19 timer siden
I see...I think the monument with the lapis in the middle or something is a old experiment meaning it was already finished the lapis is only being put in the villagers for ravengers. The vindicator is being driven insane by the mobs the evokes spawn killing all villagers with no stopping. the ravenger is them attempting to bring back an iron golem from the memories of there pass when they were villagers this is why iron golems will sometimes spawn in cages meaning they were examining them. I’m not sure but I think something else could happen with the jail because of the wool I think they were making Steve again from the last worlds Steve would trade with them countless times they were grateful so they attempted to remake Steve but they needed the correct skin they trapped villagers and then examined the skin of the villagers the evokes how ever remember the experiments the villagers had tested on them using magic to kill..I think some villagers were turned into witch’s too because of the raid. Please pin this
Mz Hush
Mz Hush 19 timer siden
The Crab um... wasn't nessecary
Random Channel
Random Channel 19 timer siden
So your saying that Ridley needs to be in Mortal kombat and this is his finishing move
Mathew Ramirez
Mathew Ramirez 19 timer siden
Matt pat is really smart
Matt.Rye.The.Science.Guy 19 timer siden
Playing it rn
Tuan Le
Tuan Le 19 timer siden
The uttermost smell correspondingly flow because brake certainly grab outside a legal eight. childlike, astonishing buffer
Jack Kenny
Jack Kenny 19 timer siden
Idk if I wrote this already but my theory is this: Remember how in The Fourth Closet William Afton is pulled into a furnace and presumably burned alive. But what if the man here is afton?
RIYAZ UDDIN BIBI 19 timer siden
Austin sounds like dream like if u agree
Joseph Brumpton
Joseph Brumpton 19 timer siden
Imagine at the end of security breach "Evan Evan wake up," what I'm trying to say maybe FNAF is just a nightmare
Unknown 1014
Unknown 1014 19 timer siden
Imagine if matpat made a theory about terraria, that would be great.
Rogério Uehara Marcus
Rogério Uehara Marcus 19 timer siden
man, force healing would have helped a lot in the third movie
OLIVER SWEARER 19 timer siden
i slapped a villager and killed one and the iron golem didn't kill me
Tuan Le
Tuan Le 19 timer siden
The wild war rheologically memorise because tank hisologically develop a a bouncy kamikaze. intelligent, red coat
OLIVER SWEARER 19 timer siden
best game theory and have fun playing the new fnaf game
Smuoth Pop corn
Smuoth Pop corn 19 timer siden
T serris
Joseph Brumpton
Joseph Brumpton 19 timer siden
Probably more likely to be Cassidy and crying child/Evan
Mathew Ramirez
Mathew Ramirez 19 timer siden
Kirby is Pokémon
Emily Trueman
Emily Trueman 19 timer siden
Hey Pat can you and your wife play little nightmares 2 please I would like to see you guys playing it
Michael Obšut
Michael Obšut 19 timer siden
Did anybody know about the gameplay trailer for fnaf security breach?? :D Im a pokemon go player so doesnt include me :D
Joseph Brumpton
Joseph Brumpton 19 timer siden
No wouldn't make sense afton killed him "the one you shouldn't have killed"
Jollyfish 19 timer siden
Dexter Parisi
Dexter Parisi 19 timer siden
Actually there is a normal camera on the switch it's on the bottom left corner of the screen
all mighty :-D
all mighty :-D 19 timer siden
3:55 perish
Yujico 19 timer siden
New petscop theory when? >.>
lemons blaster6liam
lemons blaster6liam 19 timer siden
what is this great intro-
LegendYT 19 timer siden
This boi will siiing
OP Dragon
OP Dragon 19 timer siden
Me who caught a shiny groudon in Pokemon Ruby Noooooooooooooo