Game Theory: FNAF, The New Breed
tonsils the cat
tonsils the cat 23 timer siden
wow so this iss where the "c.c is with cassidy" gacha au is coming from *good to know*
Jonathan White
Jonathan White 23 timer siden
It's not complicated, you're just phishing for views from both sides.
Highlight amations
Highlight amations 23 timer siden
No I can’t be the bite of 83 because Michael was like 5 when it was 87 he died on the bite of 87 and I think ffd opened on 1983
Talent&Tari Youtube
Talent&Tari Youtube 23 timer siden
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Tanae and Ty
Tanae and Ty 23 timer siden
Hey MatPat can you do a theory on how Pokémon trainers know which gender is their Pokémon are?
Emily Miller
Emily Miller 23 timer siden
I fear for the day Ollie finds this. Good luck explaining this one matpat.
stepdad trying to be cool
stepdad trying to be cool 23 timer siden
i learn more from matpat than literally 𝘢𝘯𝘺𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘦𝘭𝘴𝘦
Anirudh T
Anirudh T 23 timer siden
Dear Austin,the nether is an another dimension in which our laws of physics may not work the same for the nether portal we also don't know what will happen if we pass through it as nobody has done it in real life.hence,this video is a waste of time
FNAF FAN 23 timer siden
There's a NOpost out there that say Game Theory lost its touch.... He was wrong 😌
Braden Halayka
Braden Halayka 23 timer siden
Bro its been 6 years when tf is the fnaf movie coming out
Talent&Tari Youtube
Talent&Tari Youtube 23 timer siden
Whwn I kill an iron golem in a village its just appered like limitted iron
Music And More
Music And More 23 timer siden
10:58 how are you walking like that?????????????
Null Revolt
Null Revolt 23 timer siden
Did you literally make this entire video about the lack of natural energy in the Nether and forget about the copious amount of thermal energy? Wtf
guns are fun
guns are fun 23 timer siden
how did i go from watching friday night funkin to this
N D 23 timer siden
Thanks for the info, I need to shave and trim now. Literally. No, seriously, no one told me and it's 2021 already.
GUNNER BASS 23 timer siden
I swear when you play on Grounded Permadeath Whole Game the silencers are only good for one shot like 50% of the time 😂. I won’t even use them until they’re upgraded
XX TheRedDragon XX
XX TheRedDragon XX 23 timer siden
7:18 : they built by the endermen because the ancient builders just turn into an enderman 😂😂😂
BabyEvan Productions
BabyEvan Productions 23 timer siden
i have to wonder if MOJANG is impressed by this man just studying the game extensively to make all these videos about it.
Some Person You Have no Association With :p
Some Person You Have no Association With :p 23 timer siden
what are the odds that this was a MASSIVE coincidence and there was no lore? Then again, it also should be pointed out that when you use "Soul Speed", the particle released appears as a soul being released. Assuming that souls are an energy source, the reason you may gain speed is the energy from the souls' release. So despite me imagining this as a big troll, there is that. But hey, that's just a theory, an *UNREASONABLE with little evidence supporting it* theory (ok, not that outrageous)
Hardik Mishra
Hardik Mishra 23 timer siden
The squirtle sprite was shiny
syed zaidi
syed zaidi 23 timer siden
go into voice acting
Shivanksh76 23 timer siden
hey, you forgot sonic advance 2
Albert Ocampo
Albert Ocampo 23 timer siden
What are you doing today
Jeff Schmoll
Jeff Schmoll 23 timer siden
So, maybe someone already said this (I’m way behind on my videos) but is it possible that it could be geothermal energy like deep ocean biomes? I like this theory, but considering all the lava, I think geothermal is a viable option as well
Odd _pistachio1
Odd _pistachio1 Dag siden
This should be called ruining your favorite game with facts and logic. lol Seriously, great video. You guys are geniuses. :)
LordPorkston LeaderofBaconNation
LordPorkston LeaderofBaconNation Dag siden
"and here we have the ankh representing life" Me thinking it was a yugioh reference
Madlad Oniji
Madlad Oniji Dag siden
Praise the Sun!
ngcoralmountain Dag siden
The throwing the pigs in the portal first reminded me of narnia the magicians nephew when the guys uncle sent the pigs in with the rings first XD
Orion Ziemkiewicz
Orion Ziemkiewicz Dag siden
Idk maybe It ♾ly falls 🤔 😔 😕 🤧 😪 🤷 🤔 😔 😕 🤧 😪 🤷 🤔
Adriantheone1 Dag siden
“Pretty easy to understand” *1 sec later* “now this all sounds complicated”
Burnt Cheese
Burnt Cheese Dag siden
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Nathaniel Ricker
Nathaniel Ricker Dag siden
That's not how evolution works.
ROWAN MAST Dag siden
“You are your character” *Transforms into borb.*
Burnt Cheese
Burnt Cheese Dag siden
Æ## #######. ## #####, ####..
Shadow Lurker
Shadow Lurker Dag siden
I want to see a video of mat pat just saying all his best dad jokes 🤣
Burnt Cheese
Burnt Cheese Dag siden
Shut your bubble gum dumb dumb
Phil Gudet
Phil Gudet Dag siden
6:25 damn it's been a while since I've seen that face
Dag siden
I watched this when it was posted 3 days ago :(
MentalllyJuvenile Dag siden
Was just in the nether and go shoved into lava from a bastion
Herb swerve965
Herb swerve965 Dag siden
Nguyen Ba Phi
Nguyen Ba Phi Dag siden
"Energy can neither be created nor destroyed", so technically if bedrock can insulate 100% of the energy emitted from the "planet", then the cycle would never end, meaning infinite life.
Nguyen Ba Phi
Nguyen Ba Phi Dag siden
Plants can adapt to get energy from thermal energy, from heat energy and even light energy from the lava
Burnt Cheese
Burnt Cheese Dag siden
Travis Dacon
Travis Dacon Dag siden
You can’t describe every episode of the science with one question right? WRONG!
Hazren Tengah
Hazren Tengah Dag siden
IM COMMENT NUMBER 100k!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DodgersAT-AT Dag siden
I just noticed that when you PLACE down Soul Sand, you hear a slight scream...
SyntaxError 999
SyntaxError 999 Dag siden
I never thought I wanted cheese in Minecraft... now I do.
Hype Group
Hype Group Dag siden
The intro has aged like wine
Giovanni Gennaro
Giovanni Gennaro Dag siden
This seems excessive. Good.
Thomas King
Thomas King Dag siden
Cool theory as always. Love your stuff. You ever gonna do a theory on VALORANT? I think you're missing a pretty cool opportunity if not.
Aiden Burgess
Aiden Burgess Dag siden
we gon just ignore the striders and hw they harvest heat energy from the lava??? or even just how the lava stays hot in general???
Noah Parks
Noah Parks Dag siden
I'm not an aggressive person, but killing everyone is skyrim is just kinda a ton of fun.
AJ_Art Dag siden
just gonna casually mention, although this theory makes much more sense but... You could argue that the reason the nether isnt filled with plant life is because it has been running out of resources to replenish the system... hence why most the of the nether is a barren wasteland... void of resources... ect. Could also say that the zombie piglins that spawn out there were normal piglins who died out there either when it had plant life and are still around long after the plants faded away, or are piglins who went exploring hoping to find a new safe place, ect. idk
ant Dag siden
6.99 oh yeahhhhhhhhh
Tommy Hammack
Tommy Hammack Dag siden
oh boy do I not want to hear Scott's voice because one night I woke up at 3:25 or 3:35 at night and all I heard was "hello,hello hello and welcome to your new summer job at Freddy fazbears pizzeria"
Lawrence Wells
Lawrence Wells Dag siden
You should do a theory on what happened to the world on Ark survival evolved.
Lollipop Knows Animations
Lollipop Knows Animations Dag siden
Where do u live
Nathaniel Ricker
Nathaniel Ricker Dag siden
LufuriPlayZ Dag siden
He should watch retro gaming now for he theory about emeralds
Joseph Suarez
Joseph Suarez Dag siden
Not gonna lie when I played this it never crossed my mind that the carrion was supposed to be alien
Bambo Gamer BGS
Bambo Gamer BGS Dag siden
I just realized they named mewtwo that because he is mew but a 2.0 version so #2
zeead Dag siden
Help my brain hurt
Jovelina C. Omac
Jovelina C. Omac Dag siden
Remember MatPat still would've had his sanity, IF we picked slender.
grace Dag siden
matpat : (goes on a rampage about refrigerators and energy) me : .. what was this video about again
William Pinkley
William Pinkley Dag siden
So what happens to the energy if you charged the bottom portal for a while then moved it, energy cant be destroyed
Circus Røsë
Circus Røsë Dag siden
as much as i agree with you i believe that aftons son worked unground as it shows on hand unit taped "mike" and he playes in fnaf 1 as "mike schmidt" he also reffers to the voice lines "father its me michael" one of his children and "they thought i was you" which shows that is afton child because afton got springlocked as it says in the books and the minigame
LunaTheWolfLB Dag siden
Off topic but the picture of dawko at 11:28 - 11:29 reminds me of Zemo, or Baron Zemo from tfatws (the falcon and the winter solider) Edit: Am I the only one who sees it?
grace Dag siden
matpat : *counting every single person, doing wacky geometry, estimating power consumption, etc* nintendo : … it’s not that deep bro
zwolf Dag siden
man its a nice video but it really just doesn't feel like a behind the scenes video, it feels like a skit
FREAK Dag siden
Zac Adams
Zac Adams Dag siden
There are Ecosystems on earth that work with our energy from the sun! That are deep underwater where sunlight doesn't penetrate, that gets its outside energy from thermal sulfer vents, this seems to be a viable solution in the neither energy system. All be it, not as much fun.
Donut Hamato
Donut Hamato Dag siden
hello internet and welcome to food theory
Puppers McGee
Puppers McGee Dag siden
OK idea this comment is going to Matpat so... what if you made a channel called “science theory” it could be blue and it could have a beaker as a logo.
NAUTiCAl Dag siden
maybe the piglins created the ender pearls, and when they got to the nether they made friends with the piglins. this would explain why piglins can trade ender pearls
Stump Dag siden
If you still read these guys, do another deadlock. These are fun and fresh.
SimpleGameTutorials Dag siden
Hello, the dlc for yuri tells about the book and story for your theory
Soos Zoos
Soos Zoos Dag siden
This video has always been amazing man
Hazren Tengah
Hazren Tengah Dag siden
Hunter Rowland
Hunter Rowland Dag siden
I made an entire college paper/presentation (technically "group project" but I did everything) on cults indoctrination process based off Film Theory's Cats episode. Yeah, I've watched it like five times lol
Hunter Rowland
Hunter Rowland Dag siden
Omg, Ollie is adorable!!
Zoe Dag siden
Does Anyone know where we can find that song? I think it was called "Home"
Danna Pond's InterDimensional Cable [#DPLIVE]
Danna Pond's InterDimensional Cable [#DPLIVE] Dag siden
You should do a Yu Gi Oh Film Theory/Game Theory/#GTLIVE Crossover Episode with #DANNAPONDSINTERDIMENSIONALCABLE WE HAVE A PITCH FOR YOU ;)